Mirai Suenaga Press

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2013/01/06 23:09 JST in Mascot

Looks like the Mirai Suenaga brand is growing in Malaysia - first project was Touch n Go (Malaysia's electronic payment cards) and Culture Japan Night was a collaboration with Penang Global Tourism.

Todays newspaper features Culture Japan Night - which the newspaper called "Cultural Japan Night ^^; They also used the wrong Chinese characters for "Suenaga" they used - "未" instead of "末" - but I've fixed the Search Engine Optimization so that queries redirect to Mirai's page (phew) ^^;
If you are learning Japanese then its a common mistake to get these kanji mixed up just because of the length of the two strokes.

"末" means "end" and "未" means "not yet"

CJ Night Penang was the biggest ever in terms of attendance - was awesome fun! Will upload photos of the event later.