Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid

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Another update! 1 person who pre-orders Mirai Nendoroid will stand a chance to win 1 ticket to Japan! Details tomorrow! But for the time being, you can pre order anywhere including from the sites below. The ticket is only available for folks who pre-order.
Update - pre-orders are open and details are up on the Good Smile Company website!
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Announcing the Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid! Product description and details below.

Product Description

Mirai Suenaga, the mascot character from the Culture Japan TV show and main character of the original story 'Mirai Millennium' is joining the Nendoroid series! Her standard expression is based on Nao Shirahane's illustration of Mirai, but she also comes two different smiling expressions based on illustrations from the Moekana cards illustrated by Ikkyuu.
A variety of extras are also included to display together with Mirai, including a Japanese flag, Nendoroid-sized Moekana card, Mirai-chan's sidekick Retrokyu and even a miniature itasha featuring Tasuku Iizuki's illustration of Mirai on the bonnet.
A miniature pack of the original 50 Moekana cards plus six brand new cards are also included, so you can continue to improve your hiragana as well!

Product Details

Name: Nendoroid Mirai Suenaga
Details: Painted ABS&PVC non-scale articulated figure with stand included. Approximately 100mm in height.
Release date: 2012/12
Title: Culture Japan
Sculptor: Shichibei
Retail price: 4000 yen
PCS per carton (for retailers): 12
JAN Code: 4582191969633
Copyright: Danny Choo
Retail price is 4000 yen but as we all know, our retailers like to discount - so she will be available for less at pre-order.
"Decomasu" is the short form of "Decoration Master" and is used by the figure industry to refer to the original sculpt of a figure.
Some bits n pieces for Mirai Nendoroid. All the development parts you see here are made of resin. The Mirai face part is currently glossy and allows for alterations to be made easily. Once the design of the face is complete, a coat of matt is sprayed over it.
This is the final face design based on the illustration by DMYO. The initial eye designs made her look like a yandere! While I left the design of figma Mirai to Good Smile, this time my team and I worked with them on the Nendoroid. We managed all the face parts, Itasha car and the pack of Moekana that she comes with.
And here is the Itasha!
Bonnet illustration by Iizuki Tasuku-sensei.
Side illustrations by Ikkyuu-sensei.
To reduce the cost of the final product, we chose to go with decals just like the previous Nendoroid Itasha cars.
The tyres are rubber and the car can move on its own! (after you give it a push)
Mirai comes with her sidekick Retrokyu! Yes he will come with a proper stand ^^;
Retrokyu so cute!
Quality is kinda astounding ^^; I think I'm going to hang him from a necklace.
Mirai-chan comes with her holding a Nendoroid sized Moekana card - my fave card which is Tora!
Mirai-chan Nendoroid comes with a Moekana face part too - sooooo cute!
The eyes that you see here on the Mirai face part are black but the final version will be dark brown - just like the Moekana illustrations.
The gap you see on her left arm - that wont be there for the final version - I just didn't want to push it in too hard as I was scared of breaking the decoration master ^^;
As Mikatan has mentioned - all face parts are compatible with current nendoroids too! More photos at Mikatan blog.
This is what Mirai looks like riding her Itasha.
Vroom Vroom!
I'm sure the Itasha can be modded to be remote controlled...
Mirai-chan so cute leh.
When I was living back in the UK, the poster on my wall of Shinjuku was one of my talisman's to motivate me to continue to study Japanese - but you already know this because you read the How Discovering Japan Changed My Life post.
Based on the Moekana card "Hinomaru" (Japanese Flag) - Mirai-chan instaly becomes *your* motivational talisman to start learning or to continue learning Japanese.
She will also make a great gift for anybody who loves Japan!
But not only does Mirai Nendoroid (with Japanese Flag) egg you on to study Japanese - you can learn Japanese straight from the box as she comes with a whole pack of mini sized Moekana!
And for folks who dont know what Moekana is - its the Japanese learning series that I released with Good Smile Company that changes the way we learn the lingo. I recently received yet another order from Good Smile Company - that means Moekana is in its 4th print run!
Read more about Moekana and find out how to get hold of yours.
Saber in her new kit from last weeks Dollism Plus Tokyo. Hmmm. Whats that in her pocket?
A closer look!
Yep - it looks very much like the...
Mini pack of Moekana that Mirai Nendoroid comes with!
I've only got a few here but Mirai Nendoroid will come with *a full pack* of Moekana.
The cards are close to 1/8 scale - perfect for dolls too!
There are 6 extra cards - Ningyo (doll), Itasha (itasha), Dakimakura (dakimakura), Otoko (man), Onna (woman) and Suupaasoniko (Super Sonico).
Display the Mini Moekana with your dolls as an extra motivation to continue to learn Japanese!
And here is that Super Sonico collaboration card with Nitroplus!
Many of these illustrations are actually from the up n coming set of Kanji learning cards Moekanji - release date also in December!
Due to the size and not wanting to add to the cost of the product, you'll have to cut out the cards yourself but we plan to have the edges perforated so that you dont need to use scissors. Still need to get back to you on this one.
Oppa Moekana Style.
Fits in pockets too!
The 1/1 original sized pack alone retails at 1500 yen.
Again - I only got a few here but each Mirai Nendoroid comes with a full set of Moekana (50 cards + 6 special).
The design on the back of the cards will be the same as the 1/1 scale Moekana!
Size comparison!
A couple of weeks ago at the new offices of Good Smile Company...
This is the Nendoroid planning template that I filled in for Good Smile Company. Could have gone for the Solar Marine Uniform but I felt it was important to continue to brand the Summer Uniform at this time.
As for parts, I initially was thinking of the Taiko drums that are in the Moekana card "Taiko" but instead decided on Retrokyu, Flag and Mini Moekana. Good Smile came up with the Itasha and handheld Moekana.
I've been overseeing the production since day one and Good Smile have been great in accommodating my requests in changes in particular to the face sculpt. Today we are having a meeting called Kanshu ] - the term on its own means "Supervision" but in the anime merchandise world it refers to the process where the license owner checks the pre production samples to make sure that it is a true representation of the character.
Mirai will come with the "M-stand" - the same one that comes with Nendoroid Popura - that stand was specially developed by Max Factory - "M" for "Max Factory" but I like that stand a lot and makes it easier to pose so "M" for "Mirai" it is!
Taking Good Smiles recommendation to have Mirai-chan's ahoge glued in so that it does not get lost.
Mirai Nendoroid has been displayed at many events in and outside of Japan - next up is AFA Indonesia!
My precious!
Once again - thank you for all your support in making this happen!
Next up is the scale figure by Max Factory which was announced at Anime Festival Asia Malaysia ^o^
And here are some Mirai Suenaga Nendoroid wallpapers for you!
High res wallpaper here!
High res wallpaper koko desu.
High res wallpaper somewhere here.
High res wallpaper GET.
High res wallpaper here.
Feel free to use any of these support images!
This one is Facebook Timeline Cover sized.
Read more about Mirai Suenaga at http://mirai.fm !