Mirai Suenaga LINE Stickers

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2013/10/31 15:40 JST in Mascot
They have just been released and seem to be quite popular - the Mirai Suenaga LINE stickers ^o^
For those of you who are not familiar with the communication tool LINE - check out this post to find out more.
As promised at AFAID, the Mirai Suenaga LINE stickers are now available - for free.
But there is a catch which has been decided by LINE and the regulations they have in place - they are only available for 90 days ;-;
If you want them to be available permanently then we need to get a few million downloads.
LINE have only officially released the stickers to folks in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore - again this was *not* my decision ><
BUT! There is actually a way for anybody to download any stickers regardless of their region - read on to find out how.
My current LINE account has just passed 1 million followers - folks who want to get hold of the Mirai Stickers for free need only add me.
If you like Mirai but not her manager - then just add me > download stickers > block me ^^;
Using your mobile device just scan this QR code which will take you to my LINE account. If you got no scanner then just use the following link - it only works on your mobile device if you have LINE installed though.
The Mirai Suenaga LINE stickers are available here > http://line.naver.jp/R/shop/detail/1290 (only works on mobile device with LINE installed).
If you do have a QR code scanner and LINE installed then you can just scan this to get to the Mirai Suenaga sticker download page.
When you get to the page, if the button is grayed out then it means that you are not in a region that LINE wants you to be in for you to download the stickers.
If you want to be able to download any stickers from any region then just read on - just get ready to jump through a few hoops ><
Please proceed at your own risk - if your phone blows up or you loose data then its Daves fault - not mine!
First up you need to go to your LINE settings > accounts. Most of you will have your phone number associated with your LINE account. This gives you away as the app knows what region you are in based on your phone number - even if you use a VPN to change your IP ^^;
What you need to do is disassociate your phone number with your account.
You do this by connecting your LINE account with Facebook - just click the link button.
For Android - go to Manage Apps > LINE and then clear data and cache - this will wipe your account details from your app.
iOS users will need to completely uninstall and reinstall LINE again ><
Its things like this which have made me stuck with Android which I talk about extensively here.
Do note that this will wipe all your chat history and probably images that you have not saved. Your contact list is kept on the LINE servers so that will be restored when you login again.
When I boot up LINE again, I need to login but I do so with my Facebook account instead. LINE does not know what my phone number is so the only way they know my region is due to my IP - lets fix that issue.
For Android, I download the free app Hideman VPN.
iOS users need to download VpnOneClick and change their IP address to Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia.
All I do in Hideman VPN is to change my IP to Malaysia - you can choose Indonesia or Singapore too.
And then after a few seconds...
I'm sure in the future it will be this easy to travel rather than spend a few hours on the plane ^^
Now when I go to the Mirai Suenaga sticker page I can see the big green button ^^;
Even though I'm the creator of the stickers - I had to jump through these hoops as we are based in Japan ><
Mirai-chan get!
Now I spam all my friends ^^
The Mirai stickers are so cute! Do send them to as many of your friends (and foes) as possible - the more downloads there are the more chances there is of LINE letting us keep them ><
And here are the full set of stickers illustrated by Japanese illustrator Ikkyuu-sensei.
The plan is to introduce more once the 90 days are up.
I'm also looking into making stickers available for Facebook too.
If there are any other communication services that you want to see stickers for then let me know.
Looks like our Smart Doll is also installing the stickers on her mobile ^^;