Mirai Suenaga Itasha Ver 2

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NicoNico Douga held an event at Makuhari Messe called the "NicoNico Chokaigi" and as part of the event there was a mini Ita G Festa where about 60 Itasha where picked from hundreds of applicants. Was an honor that they picked my Itasha to be displayed ^o^
Folks who have ben reading for a while will know that I used to have a green Nissan March Itasha and may be surprised to see that its now been replaced by a red Nissan Dualis ^^;
Over 90,000 people attended over the 2 days and comrades like Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Kadokawa, Nitroplus, Sega Sammy, Ascii Media Works attended too - all who just happen to be my clients ^o^
More about the event in a separate post.
Zooming back into the morning. Woke up at 4AM so that we could get to Makuhari Messe before 6AM - no Itasha were allowed to get in if they were late ^^;
First thing to do is polish down the car. I hear newspaper is good for cleaning windows and Oolong cha is also good for grime?
A load of Mirai Suenaga merchandise to display this time - last time I didn't have any ^^;
All set up! the iPad still off to save a bit O battery.
The top guy from Ascii - Toshihiro Fukuoka - this is the man that made the Hatsune Miku concert Mikunopolis happen.
To folks who keep asking what my wife thinks about my job - I'm sorry to disappoint but she loves this line of work too! Thats what I love about Japanese culture - its OK to like and work in the anime field even if you are older than 12 years old.
The side illustration was especially done for the itasha by DMYO-sensei.
Who's that?
10:03AM - doors open!
Its UTACO - the voice actress for Mirai Suenaga - you would have heard her doing the narration for Culture Japan Season 2.
Mirai likes Mirai's oppai.
Going over UTACO's first live performance of her singing Sukirai - the opening theme song for Culture Japan which you can hear below.
Soon there will be another figure series joining figma Mirai...
The Japanese learning series Moekana - but wait! Whats that next to it?!!!
Tower O Moekana.
My clone is lazy - he does not work much.
Yuki-chan in Mirai Summer Uniform.
Saber in Mirai Maid Uniform.
The app on the iPad is MiraiClock3 and is free from the app store - Android ver in May.
This time the stickers were printed and applied by a Culture Japan reader PopBox-san!
Cuuuuute! Am I allowed to say that about my own character? ^^; This illustration available as wallpaper for you.
The Itasha however is not finished and the next step is to wrap the bumper which will be the rest of Mirai's lower body.
The Mirai Suenaga logo has been changed for the Japanese audience - its more important to have the Japanese more prominent than the English over here.
Cheerleader Mirai! Kawaii ><
Cute bottom!
Moekana artwork by Ikkyuu-sensei.
The back needs some Itasha-love too but is currently bare.
Posters from the office taped together and stuck on the roof.
Can you recognize these idols?
Mirai-chan hard at work.
Standard issue profile photos.
And we have now entered day 2 of the event - slightly different layout this time.
I learned from this event that I need some sort of base for the girls to sit on - will make one from polystyrene.
Today's Mirai cosplayer is by comrade Ai-chan. First met her while doing some work for the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.
Caption this photo.
What?! What does it say on the box?!! This product will be announced on the Good Smile Company website next week.
Mirai Mousepad version 1 - now only available at Hobby Search!
Karin in Mirai's Winter Uniform.
Ryomo in Mirai's Solar Marine Uniform. I need to get somebody to make a Millennium Blade for me.
Filming for tomorrows Check Time morning TV show.
These flags are called Nobori and were used in the past to distinguish various clans - now they are used for advertising purposes and you can see them outside many shops in Japan. Have you seen these in your neck of the woods? I'm going to make some for up n coming events.
My man John who works at Google - one must be nice to him and give him Moekana or he may decide he no like you and erase your Google account ^^;
You have seen him around quite a bit now - Digitaro - the boss of Nitroplus.
This dakimakura not in production yet - I need to make some sort of plastic cylindrical container for it first.
Mirai Suenaga's Summer Uniform is now available for sale.
Time to packup and head back to base.
The girls all snug in the back.
Will post photos of all the other cars in a separate post.
And the making of the new Itasha coming soon!
More itasha photo posts below.