Mirai Photo Walk - Tokyo

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2015/02/12 23:12 JST in Japan

Mirai Photo Walk - a networking gathering where I take you on a walk around areas which I feel are photogenic - we take photos, learn new camera techniques and network with each other.
Some of us have been taking photos for a while and usually (when asked) share our knowledge on the subject ranging from camera settings, lenses, post processing software, workflow and so on.

For the first Mirai Photo Walk, I'm going to choose the path which will start at Tokyo Station this Sunday Feb 15th - lets meet outside the Marunouchi Chuo Exit (丸の内中央口) at Tokyo Station here (this is what it looks like)
From here we will head to Tokyo International Forum (東京国際フォーラム) and then head onto Ginza. I have not planned the exact route yet and I want to explore as we walk.

Have your lunch before you come and lets meet at 1PM. I will wait until 1:10PM and then head off. Folks interested in photography or meeting new folks should attend. We should finish by 6PM or so but you can break off anytime you want.

I look forward to meeting everybody but am particularly interested in meeting folks who are looking for new job opportunities in Tokyo - I'm looking for folks to join my company and I have many positions part and full time open for immediate hire which include:-
#TV Producer
#Graphic Designer
#Smart Doll production staff
#Robotics Engineer
#Contents Manager

It costs nothing to attend - only your time. You should however ideally always be carrying namecards if you are into networking. No rules on camera equipment - bring what you are comfy with regardless of whether its a high end DSLR or a mobile phone camera.
This photo is of my current photo armory - my main camera is the A7 II, Smart Doll camera is the RX1 and my pocket camera is the RX100M3. Sony fanboy ><

No need to register - if you are planning on attending just turn up and bring as many people as you want - look forward to seeing you this weekend!

So just to recap:-
Mirai Photo Walk - Tokyo
Meet at: Marunouchi Chuo Exit (丸の内中央口) at Tokyo Station.
Time: Sunday Feb 15th at 1PM
Map > http://buff.ly/1F1Bogk
Photo > http://buff.ly/1KNliY6
Participation is Free. Please keep an eye on twitter.com/dannychoo for any changes.

Mirai Photo Walk involves much less logistics and planning than a CJ Night so will probably do more Photo Walks as an opportunity for me to meet you and for you to meet others too.

Our first Mirai Photo Walk will be in Tokyo...

...but we plan to do Mirai Photo Walks in various cities around the work. Am planning one in Taipei again soon where this photo was taken.

And want to do a Mirai Photo Walk in Kuala Lumpur the next time I'm there.

I will be carrying Mirai with me hence "Mirai Photo Walk" - hope to see you on one of these walks either in Japan or in your neck of the woods!