Mirai Moekana Halloween

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2011/10/31 09:36 JST in Mascot
Mirai Suenaga wishes you all a happy Halloween! This adorabe illustration is from the Moekana series and is actually for the hiragana "ho" for "houki" ] which means "broom". Illustration is by Ikkyu-san.
I've uploaded a version to Flickr with transparency so that you can play about with it. I need to start sticking the copyright mark on my images but its only there to let folks know who the copyright owner is - you are still free to play with the images for personal use.
If you are wondering what happened to the Moekana series - they are all being used as the current ED for Culture Japan and I'm currently focusing on getting the Moekana Japanese learning products out onto the market in time for the American and Asia broadcast.
And another Halloween Mirai by Pinax - kawaii!