Mirai Millennium Genjitsu

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2013/08/04 09:57 JST in Mascot

Announcing a new character in the Mirai Millennium series - Genjitsu 3.0.

The kanji for Genjitsu is and is literally translated as "Real Illusion" - they are the reason why the Solar Marines exist - to destroy all Genjitsu that seep out from the rips in space.

When the Genjitsu appear, time freezes and people become unable to move - except for the Solar Marines which means that they are the only ones who know of the Genjitsu's existence.

Strangely however, the clock tower at the girl's school still seems to move even when the Genjitsu appear - it is yet unknown why this is...

Genjitsu start off as illusions, but it's said that when they are left undefeated they can completely change into reality which will make them indestructible. The danger levels of Genjitsu are measured as 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0. They go up a level every 15 minutes that they remain undefeated and by 3.0 it is believed that they completely break into reality. This of course means that the Solar Marines aim to defeat them at level 1.0 - in other words, within 15 minutes of the Genjitsu appearing.

And for those of you studying Japanese - below is the original Japanese. This character profile is taken from the scenario of Mirai Millennium which is now complete and written by a rather popular anime writer that everybody knows ^o^




And here are the various forms of the Genjitsu. I've called upon once again the talents of Skan Srisuwan - he was the lead designer at Square Enix who managed the Front Mission project and designed the Solar Marine uniforms and Retrokyu.

There are a few more characters in Mirai Millennium - some of whom have profiles but no designs yet. Once it is decided how and when Mirai Millennium will be published, I will be able to announce the team working on the story.