Mirai Millennium

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2010/09/09 23:59 JST in Mascot

About Mirai Millennium

Mirai Millennium is a science fiction series set in the future, featuring Culture Japan's very own mascot characters, Mirai Suenaga, Haruka Suenaga, Kanata Hoshikawa and Eiji Seiun.

Those of you who have been watched culture Japan would have seen bits of Mirai Millennium in the OP. The scenario has been developed much more since then and is almost complete, the next step is for the full story to be written and published.

Many folks have asked me when the Mirai Millennium anime will be broadcast - unfortunately the stars have not aligned yet and you will have to wait a wee bit longer. But with everyone's support, hopefully things will move along quicker.

But for folks who have no idea what mirai millennium is about, you can watch the mirai millennium OP below to get a feel of the mirai millennium universe.

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Retrokyu Transformation Sequence


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