Mirai Merchandise

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Welcome to the Mirai merchandise page! Will be gradually filling this page up with goodies as they are made available.
First up, Mirai gets figmatized! Shes on sale now and you can see more of her in action in the figma Mirai Suenaga post.

The decoration master of figma Mirai displayed at Anime Festival Asia.

Mirai is the 88th figma ^o^

More figures on the way!


Moekana are a set of cards to help folks learn the basic Japanese syllabary: hiragana. The cards feature the characters of the TV show and website produced by Danny Choo called Culture Japan who are, Mirai Suenaga, Haruka Suenaga and Kanata Hoshikawa.

The pack of 50 different Moekana cards feature cute kawaii illustrations by the Japanese artist Ikkyuu - the adorable artwork alone is enough to help learners learn hiragana but there are many ways one can also use the cards to start learning Japanese.

Product Details

  • Product Name: Moekana (もえかな)
  • Series: Culture Japan
  • Category: Goods
  • Price: 1500 yen
  • Release: Date 2012/04
  • Specifications: 50 Japanese study cards each 88mm x 63mm. Made in Japan.
  • Released by: Culture Japan
  • Distributed by: Good Smile Company
  • Ages: 6 and up.

Mirai-chan gets her own brand of curry called "Mirai-chan curry" developed by Indotei.

Om nom nom. The taste is slightly sweet with some punipuni cheese topping. Mirai-chan curry is served with some orange colored lassi to match her uniform color.

Mirai Millennium T-Shirt by Cospa. Folks in Japan can buy from here and folks outside of Japan can get em here.

Charity T-shirt "Keep Fighting, Japan!" available at J-List.

Mirai-chan T-Shirts available from Cospa - details in the Anime T-Shirts photo article.

Maid Mirai T-shirt also by Cospa.

Miracle Mirai T-shirt white version.

The Mirai-chan dakimakura pillow case can be purchased exclusively from AmiAmi. Details in this post.

Health mouse pads in production coming soon!

The 2.5 feet x 5 feet banners are available for worldwide shipping from Kid Nemo.

Mirai-chan towels to wipe all sorts of bodily fluids like...tears or....blood? Available from AmiAmi.

Get the Working Mirai app for free for your iPad or iPhone from the App Store.

Mirai and Haruka Pokens to help you keep track of your friend and foes. Details in this post.

Mirai-chan laptop made by Kotobukiya. Details in this post.

The telephone card that comes with the Mirai-chan dakimakura. Only works in Japanese public phones ^^;