Mirai Itachari

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2009/11/02 09:25 JST in Mascot

Incredible Itachari made by Kodomut as a B'day prezzie for me ^o^.

Which reminds me - thanks for all the birthday wishes. I got one from Lucasfilm too ^o^

We will display this with the Mirai Figma at the AFA 09 later this month.
I've been given my own booth which you will see at the entrance to the AFA and I have asked Good Smile Company to look after the display for me - Sergeant Akiyama who managed my display at the Tokyo Figure Show will manage the display for me this round too.
Will also bring Big Boss Aki. If you have not done so yet, prepare business cards for yourself.

Kodomut has posted photos of how he put together the Itachari and also provides templates for the back wheels in Photoshop format for you too.

Earlier this morning Kodomut also posted a short story with the Itachari at Figure.fm.

I will be upgrading my bicycle when I get back to Japan from the Singapore trip - will make it into an Itachari.

If anybody in Singapore wants to make a 1/1 scale Mirai-chan Itachari then I promise to put it at the booth profiling you and your website ^o^
You can grab high res images of the girls from the Mascot Page.

Maybe we should make Gordon into an Ita-armor plastered with Mirai, Haruka and Kanata stickers?

I need to hit the sack soon. I owe you A week in Tokyo, A day with Jimmy Choo, Doll Show report, a look at the second mountain of samples, Mac Life 5 and more.