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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2014/04/30 12:48 JST in Mascot
There is a problem with this world that we live in. Not only do we humans constantly generate stuff that needs wiping - the environment also generates stuff that needs wiping up too - so many things to wipe!
I have just the thing for mankind to continue its survival before its wiped out by gooey and dusty stuff - the MHMPT (Mirai Horoscopes Multi Purpose Towel!)
And how much is this towel I hear you whisper to yourself? Free! Knowt! 0 YEN desu! The towel comes absolutely free from AmiAmi with no strings attached or dried up snot on the towel - only when you buy a pack of the Japanese learning pack of flash cards Moekana - available at AmiAmi now for pre-order.
And this is the towel in its full glory featuring all our Culture Japan characters who are Mirai Suenaga, Haruka Suenaga, Kanata Hoshikawa, Chitose Shirasawa, Kizuna Yumeno and Retrokyu.
BTW, this is just the color sample where we check the color and any mistakes - like the dates for Sagittarius which will be fixed ><
Printing quality is superb and done in Japan.
Chitose so cute!
Use the towel to wipe birds poo from your glasses for those "lucky" days.
You can also use the towel to wipe away grease from the screen after your greasy best friend has used your phone.
Keep the towel with your laptop to wipe the screen after your best friend has splattered it with saliva.
What do you normally do when you notice saliva bouncing out from a friends mouth (when they are just simply talking) and lands on you?
You can also use the towel to cover up your daughter when somebody (you) steals her clothes.
Mirai Horoscope towel free with Moekana Second Edition from AmiAmi. You can also read more about Moekana Second Edition in this post.
And if you need a box for your Moekana and towel then AmiAmi also has the cases too ^o^