Mirai Fox T-Shirts

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2010/06/12 10:15 JST in Mascot

Update - pulled all products from the Zazzle store after I ordered more T-shirts to check the quality after a few complaints - quality was appalling.
Check Chuns blog for more details.

To let you know that the Mirai Fox T-Shirts are now up on sale at Zazzle.
Each one costs 28.90 USD when printed on the default Edun Live T-shirts but you also have the option for going for the basic T-shirts for 25.60 USD.
We are also working a T-shirt that turns into a suitcase but the projected costs will be 175,000 USD for each one. Will look something like this below.

The one I'm wearing here is the Edun Live which feels softer than the basic Zazzle T-shirts.

Closeup of the design on the T-shirt. Art provided by the talented illustrator Puppy52. The Zazzle store also has the ahoge version too.

This design reminds me for some reason of the following video that was shown to all folks who upgraded to Firefox 3.5 ^^;

Decided to open the dannychoo.com official Zazzle store after seeing the quality of stuff that Chun sold at her store and also because my lord Vader uses Zazzle too.

I love the dannychoo.com Cospa T-shirts but these ones cater for folks who want some sort of print that takes up less real estate on the front.

Nearly forgot to mention we've got the Mirai Fox Extra versions too ^^;