Mirai Easy Card Taiwan

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2015/08/22 18:09 JST in Mascot

Following on from Malaysia Touch n Go, I'm pleased to announce that our mascot character Mirai Suenaga has now become Taiwan's electronic payment card "Easy Card" (悠遊卡 roughly pronounced "youyou ka").
Easy Card is used to pay for services like the metro, buses, taxis and can also be used at many convenience stores etc.

There are two types of Mirai Easy Card - one is Moekana style by Ikkyuu-sensei.

The other type is Bishojo by DMYO (Shirahane Nao-sensei).
Both of the ones in my possession are just samples which is why the color is a bit off and there is also a mistake in one of the Chinese characters ><
The final ones are more vibrant with the spelling mistake fixed.

Unfortunately, the production cost an arm and a leg which is why they are a bit on the expensive side - one for 500 TWD, 2 for 900 TWD.
Unfortunately they are not loaded with any credits either ><

Do you have electronic payments in your neck of the woods? If so which country and what type is the most popular?

And this is where you can get them - at our booth at Fancy Frontier 26 in Taipei which will be held on the 29 - 30 of August 2015. Our booth is branded differently in Taiwan as the "Mirai Suenaga" brand is stronger than the "Culture Japan" brand.

We will also have Smart Doll 001 Mirai Suenaga on sale.

And Kizuna Yumeno will also be available at our booth.

The price is 17000 TWD each. We also plan to bring a small selection of accessories.

We have the usual Japanese learning cards "Moekana" and "Moekanji".

Posters to cover the mould on the walls.

T=shirts to cover your wo/man bewbs.

See you soon!