Milky Holmes in London

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2010/10/14 16:06 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

Anime seiyuu group Milky Holmes were in London recently and came to join me in the studio for Culture Japan as soon as they got back to Japan.

They all say hello to you and hope you enjoy these photos that they took when they were over there. They said they didn't like the food that much though and that everything seemed to taste sour ^^;

And for those who need their mind jogging:-
Pink is Suzuko Mimori
Yellow is Sora Tokui
Blue is Izumi Kitta
Green is Mikoi Sasaki
Who is your fave?

You can see the girls in action on this weekends Culture Japan this Saturday on Tokyo MX TV from 22:30 and will also be broadcast across Asia on the Animax Asia Network. You can follow the conversation when the show is being broadcast by refreshing the #tokyomx Twitter tag.
Folks who want to know more about Culture Japan can get along to the Culture Japan feature page.

The latest bunch of Culture Japan posts below. Next up is photos at the Production I.G studios with the CEO.

All photos by Shun Tomioka-san.