Milky Holmes Hong Kong

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2011/03/22 23:59 JST in Japanese Pop Culture
Was in Hong Kong earlier this month for C3HK traveling with Bushiroad and the Milky Holmes girls. Schedule was tight but managed to get a few hours to look around town for a bit. Mmmmm. Better try not to spend too much time with them as I'm getting very attached to them - they are just lovely and bubbly!
Meeting up in the hotel lounge to go over the days schedule.
Big boss of Bushiroad Takaaki Kidani-san.
Suzuko-san and Izumi-san doing the keitai thing.
Off to explore!
We split up into two taxis and I'm with Suzuko-san and Izumi-san.
I think (?) my Cantonese improves over the few days that I spend in Hong Kong and then gets worse after I leave until I next visit - hardly use Cantonese in Japan. Any Cantonese speakers in Tokyo who would like to get together for dindins now and then?
Actually I think I'm slowly forgetting my English too as most of the dialog I use in Japan everyday for work is Japanese ToT.
Arrival at a temple somewhere - completely forgot what this place is called. Anybody know?
I love these swirly incense hanging from the ceiling.
Our lovely Suzuko-san.
Its Sora-sans turn at the incense.
Mikoi-san makes a wish for...
One of the things I love about Hong Kong are these huge steps.
After walking for a bit we ended up in an area filled with accessories and antiques.
Suzuko-san kawaiiiiiiiiiiiii!
And yes - shes even cuter in person.
Izumi-san finds some goodies.
Again - need somebody to tell us where this was as I cant remember. Was filled with a load of interesting knick knacks and dollfie sized stuff which I forgot to pick up.
it says something like:-
If folks don't harm us, we don't harm folks.
If folks harm us, then we must harm folks.
or something along those lines ^^;
Love the poster art.
Looks like our Milky girls have found something.
What is it?!
Mikoi: "Show me!"
Mikoi: "Show meeeee!"
Suzuko-san and Sora-san walked away with a new time piece. Mao waves his hand on each second.
I used to have one that looked like a star that I would wear on my beanie ^^;
Spotted lots of business opportunities in Hong Kong and hope to be back very soon to follow up.
I always stand in awe when looking at the mass of tall buildings in Hong Kong.
Time to look for some food.
Took the Milky girls to my fave Dim Sum place at Admiral in the United Center. Was actually here for Brekkie too ^^;
Place is usually packed but has a quick turnover due to the amount of tables they have.
Yummy food carts are here!
Siew Mai. Om nom nom.
Izumi-san pulls a sweet face for us. Kawaiiiiiiiiii!
Izumi-san is actually known as the queen of Gyoza (fried dumplings) and practically lives on Gyoza.
Last piece of Siew yook!
Will be giving away some personally signed goodies from the Milky girls soon. Which reminds me I need to announce winners of the Eri Kitamura signed shikishi this week.
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