Miku Concert

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For the past week or so, the sea resort Hakkeijima had become a mini Hatsune Miku Theme park - the main attraction was the live concert which I managed to catch on the last day - t'was awesome!

The name of this concert was "Angel Project presents HATSUNE Appearance" and used a different technology than what we have seen before at previous Miku concerts.

Arrival at Hakkeijima - the Miku event took place between 13th September - 23rd September.

T'was raining very heavily all day long ><

Arrival backstage - this is where the staff set up camp. I like that foldable basket thing which they got from a 100yen shop.

We got an hour before the concert so we head out to explore for a bit - huge Nendoroid Kaito and Miku.

Wandered around the huge aquariums too (photos later) and discovered a 1/1 scale figure of Miku in one of the tanks!

They had a Miku shop with a constant queue of fans waiting to get in.

Usually, when figures become 1/1 scale, they tend to look like poo but this Miku looked great!

The man behind it all - producer Fukuoka Toshihiro! Fukuoka-san and I have been working together on many projects including Mikunopolis and next is the Worldwide Otaku Report - currently in production. Taking a while due to the amount of data.

Miku in action! This time round, Miku is a MMD (Miku Miku Dance) model rather than the Sega one and she looks great!
The technology used to project her on stage is called Eyeliner. Unlike Mikunopolis, there are no reflections at all and you can pretty much see Miku from all angles. Below is a peek of the setup.

Most people who I spoke to said they prefer this model as she looks cuter ^^

There was a big surprise at the end - not just visual but tangible too - you will have to wait and see what it was when its your turn to see Miku live...
But where should Miku perform next? Your chance to vote! I'll show Fukuoka-san the results when they are all in - if your region is not in the poll then add it yourself ne.

Concert done - back stage to meet and network with the folks involved.

What is the most you would pay for this fan?

Hatsune Miku could make an appearance near you soon?!

MMD Miku - cute!

PS Vita Miku!

This Poll is now expired

Looks flat in the photo but Miku is actually a floating hologram using that Aerial Imaging technology.

Meanwhile back at the shop - a load of goodies up for grabs.

Out of all these Miku goodies below - what do you call dibs on?

Some lovely Vocaloid cosplayers out n about too!

And the previous Miku concert was the one I hosted in LA last year - Mikunopolis.

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