POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2007/09/21 22:59 JST in Misc
MGS4 (Metal Gear Solid 4) was running their trailers at this years TGS - just like it was running last year. I've seen so many trailers and promo clips for the game that I honestly don't know if the one they were showing was new or not.
Loved MGS since the PS1 version but am getting a bit tired of seeing all the promo stuff with no release date in sight.
I guess in the mean time we can entertain ourselves with the Medicom Toy figures.
Hmmm. I'm sure I took pictures of Raiden too but I cant find em...
Kubrick and mobile phones with the MGS theme.
More figures and Kubrick.
Metal Gear online was up for play too. Never been to TGS on a public day before but on the business/press day, they give out goodies to entice folks to participate in playing the games. Some of the stands were quite sad with nobody wanting to play the demos available.
This has nothing to do with MGS but slipped into my batch upload folder by accident ^^;
Konami are releasing a yoga game for your NDS.
Now you can do Yoga anywhere - on the train, on top of a bus etc.
If you are going to TGS, do try and pick up this MGS booklet.
Looks like they spent quite a bit producing these booklets - full of photos, illustrations and that smell of a freshly pressed book.
One thing I did notice about some of the MGS4 demos that were running - the frames per second seemed to be low which gave a jerky camera pan. The smoothest camera work I've seen on the PS3 so far is Ninja Gaiden.
I hope they dont show MGS4 at TGS 2008 - which would mean that the damn game is still in development!