MGS4 Dissapointment

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2008/04/20 02:50 JST in Games

Metal Gear Solid creator Kojima-san expresses how hes not happy with the results of how the graphics ended up on the PS3...

"When we first showed the game engine at TGS, the staff were really proud and happy. PS3 was a dream machine, y'know, and we were going to work on this and that - and we had so many ideas. But when we actually started developing the game, we realized there were a lot of restrictions and so it turned out how you see it today. The original vision was to go ten steps further, the reality was just one step, which isn't to say we didn't progress."

"I remember saying three years ago that we wanted to create something revolutionary, but in reality we couldn't really do that because of the CPU. We're using the Cell engine to its limit., actually. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not criticizing the PS3 machine, it's just that we weren't really aware of what the full-spec PS3 offered - we were creating something we couldn't entirely see."

Full story at Kotaku and larger image here.
MGS trailer that you may not have seen yet below.