MG Zeta Gundam Ver2.0

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2005/10/22 09:05 JST in Gundam

Hot on the heels following the release of MG Gundam MK II Ver2.0 is MG Zeta Gundam Ver2.0. As with all MG's of late, Zeta Gundam also promises the same type of articulation that we expect from a PG.
The base that comes with Zeta locks and joins onto the base that comes with the MK II - an excellent excuse when asking permission from your partner if you can buy - you can say that one is not complete without the other and that you will become ill and die if you dont get the other.
Zeta Gundam will be out in Japan on December 30th. In the mean time, Gunplablog has updated his chronicles on his latest MG Gundam MK II - as you can see - the foot is just about the same as the feet that comes with a PG (with a zillion less parts).