Merry Christmas 2013

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2013/12/25 01:16 JST in Mascot

Seasons greetings folks! Following on from the tradition each year - I let my daughters bring you the greeting. This year is different however as its brought to you by the real Mirai Suenaga ^^;

Its a special Xmas as my real daughter gets to help put up the decorations ^^

If you keep tabs on my Facebook or Twitter, you will already know the rough release date and price for the Manual Version of Smart Doll.

Some Nendos below our tree. What did you get for this years Christmas?

Mirai raiding the fridge exhausted after spending a few hours setting up the tree.

Finally completed Mirai's hairpin - attached to her head via a strong magnet.

If you got dolly daughters then you may be able to find them some decent wrist bangles by looking at some rings.

This time last year all I had was some 3D printouts of Mirai - today she is almost complete and ready to hit the shelves. So happy and proud of her ><

And here is Mirai Suenaga in chibi form wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Mirai's younger sister Haruka Suenaga.

Merry Christmas from Kanata Hoshikawa - Mirai's senpai.

Merry Christmas from Eiji Seiun - Mirai's classmate.

Merry Christmas from Retrokyu - Mirai's sidekick.

Merry Christmas from Chitose Shirasawa - she works with Eiji in the lab.

Merry Christmas from Kizuna Yumeno - Mirai's rival.

This image sent in my Dave Gibson - cute!