Men Only Carriage

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2008/04/14 15:18 JST in Japan

A few snaps taken around Tokyo. The first one says "(we) wont let you grope. (we) wont forgive (you)" with a side note saying "offenders get from 6 months to 7 years in jail."
And the one below says "groping is a crime" with the side note "saying 'it just happened' is still a crime." Perversion on the trains in Japan is a problem so much so that there have been women only carriages for quite a while now. But there are some who are taking this situation to their advantage.

Many young girls are accusing men of groping them. A typical case is that two girls work together. After they designate their target, one of the girls will follow the man off the train and say "Sawatta no ne?" or "You touched me." The second girl would join in as a stranger and say "yeah I saw you touch her."
The first girl would then say, "give me 40000 yen and we can forget about this or I go to the police."

The video below shows another tactic. A woman bumps into a man (who had both hands in his pocket) and falls to the floor crying saying that he touched her. The man was falsely accused of groping her and spent the night at the police station.
The woman approached the police a week later to confess that she did it because she wanted ”private settlement money." Below is another example of how men are the target. A 24 year old man was arrested for making his girlfriend stand close to a target on a carriage and say that she was touched. The 24 year old was later arrested after his girlfriend betrayed him and confessed that they tried to set up their target for money. Below: Women only carriages are only "women-only" effective between rush hours when the trains are packed. Such is the problem that men have lately been asking for "men only carriages" as reported by Japan Probe and Zak Zak. Would be interesting to see if these carriages are approved. Do you think that men only carriages are a good idea? Would you get on one to avoid the chance of being falsely accused of groping somebody?

In the meantime, men can buy these straps which are attached to nothing but shows that their hands are occupied - a bargain at 525 yen. And if you cant get hold of these straps however, you can simply wave your hands about like this bloke in the video below.