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If you like melons then the appropriately named MelonBooks will have something to suit your tastes.
Today we take a lookie at the doujin bookshop MelonBooks which is filled to the brim with doujinshi, illustration books and merchandise which have been plastered with 2D girlies showing you their modest melons of all shapes and sizes.
Melonbooks Akihabara Ichigo-ten features wide variety of doujinshi and mainly focuses on paper medium such as manga, comic, light novels but also have some CD/DVDs, character goods and figures in the corner.
Opening hours - (Weekdays 11:0022:00 / Weekends and Holidays 10:0022:00)
Address - 〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田1-10-5 広瀬本社ビルB1
Stairway to heaven.
Ita-stairs featuring cuties from the eroge Prism Recollection.
Upon entering the store, you are greeted with towers of manga, magazines and doujinshi.
Load of game, anime and seiyuu magazines.
Most of the stuff in MelonBooks is shrink wrapped or tied up - it didn't used to be like this until folks started to take the pee and use the place as a library ><
Occasionally you will see a cutie hanging from the ceiling like this Rei Kuroki dakimakura.
I used to read a load of To Love Ru but the "plot" became too advanced for me ^^;
I still think the girls are cute though.
Stacks upon stacks of Yuru Yuri manga.
"14 year old girl writes ero manga"
God Eater manga featuring one of its cuties Alisa on the cover. God Eater 2 action below.
Shelf dedicated to manga which have been or will be given the anime treatment.
The animation for Prisma Illya - how many of you caught it?
Oreimo manga.
IdolM@ster illustration book by Annindofu-sensei.
Puchimasu manga.
Lovely wallpaper of Mio also hanging from the ceiling.
Catalogue featuring many different type of girl's hairstyle - Also shows you the ropes of hair styling.
Nyaruko-san manga.
Couple of girlies can be picked up at the figure corner for a discounted price.
The health corner.
Shirley Warwick from Amairo Islenauts can be taken home as a shower tapestry for those of you fed up of showering alone.
How we take a look at Melonbooks Akihabara Nigo-ten : This is a relatively new store which opened on March 22nd 2013 - a few minutes walk from Ichigo-ten. Almost everything in this store is R18 (adult) and you can expect to find plethora of doujinshi / commercial products, CD/DVD, PC Eroge and a few health related products too.
Opening hours - (11:00~20:00)
Address - 〒101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田3丁目14-9 第26東ビルB1F
Melonbooks nigouten is comprised of the books / doujinshi store on the left and PC game / doujin game store on the right.
EE (Eroge Everywhere)
Cuties from the eroge Reminiscence by Tigre.
The "Right Hand" corner which included panties that have a certain scent...
No need to ask - these girls are obviously all over 18.
Santaful Summer by Gallete.
And now moving on to the PC / doujin game section.
Eroge Magical Charming - illustrated by Riko Korie-sensei.
A floor poster from the eroge Koi Saku Miyako ni Ai no Yakusoku wo Annaffiare.
Eroge Berrys.
Loads of gatcha in the corner.
Alice Soft's upcoming title Dorapeko - illustrated by Yaegashi Nan-sensei
Here we have another floor poster of Natsukumo Yururu.
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