Medical Mirai

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2016/04/01 00:01 JST in Smart Doll
I'm excited to announce that Smart Doll is expanding its B2B business model and now furthering its education clients by entering the health sector with a product that I am calling Medical Mirai.
So far, over 700 medical and educational institutes around the globe have placed orders for Medical Mirai - the first ever 1/3 scale human anatomy doll.
Medical Mirai is not only designed to be the smexiest, cutest human anatomy model on the planet - but also an educational product at the same time. The Starter Set includes lungs, liver, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, intestines, gall bladder, appendix, ascending colon, transverse colon and descending colon.
There will be an option pack that includes muscles and bones.
This is what made it possible for me to turn this idea into a product in a short time - the space inside the torso of Smart Doll is only occupied by the Jeton Spine which enables me to design and place the various organs inside. All the organs are magnetic and clump together.
The best thing about this product is that all existing Smart Doll owners can order these organs and place them inside the body simply by removing the bust. The organs also come with the torso that has the cut-away section too. The organs and torso can be bought for 9800 yen and will be released to the general public in May.
The full body and organ "Full Set" is only available for educational and medical institutes who have a corporate account with us. If you are an institute and are interested in this product, please contact me at support at
This is the key visual for Medical Mirai which you will start to see on the walls of medical and educational institutes as soon as they start to use the product for their students and patients.
And this is how the idea for this product came about. When I was in Malaysia last December, one night I started to feel a searing pain in my right foot which started to swell up. After consulting with Google Sensei, the symptoms look like I had a disease called Gout.
Gout is where one has too much uric acid in their blood which causes hard crystals to form around the bones in the feet. This is incredibly painful and uncomfortable which was just great - not only do I have Spinal Hernia but now gout which affects my ability to walk properly...
I went to HSC Medical Center to meet various sensei who confirmed that I had gout. My treatment was some fish oil capsules which help prevent my blood from crystallizing and some other medication.
I don't drink alcohol (which is a common cause of gout) and it looks like the trigger was all the good food in Malaysia ^^;
While having my blood samples taken, I got to meet various doctors who loved the look of Ivory-chan Smart Doll. They *really* liked the look of Smart Doll so much that we started to discuss business opportunities and the result is Medical Mirai.
The doll market is small - tiny even. I now understand why other doll manufacturers keep releasing limited edition dolls and target the same market base - it's because there isn't enough existing customers to go around.
My business strategy however has always been to educate as many people as possible about my products and grow the existing doll market - for this reason much of my efforts is creating collaborations in areas which reach out to folks who would not normally be exposed to Smart Doll.
Smart Doll initially entered the education field at KADOKAWA schools which teach anime and manga creation techniques.
Sony employs Smart Doll to be a subject for their Alpha series of camera in their Taipei showroom.
Sony also employs Smart Doll as a model for their Xperia line of mobile phones in Malaysia so that folks can check out the camera capabilities.
And I'm also excited to announce that Smart Doll will participate in their first ever fashion show along their human counterparts in Penang Fashion Week on April 16th.
I will be there and hope to see you there too!
Smart Doll ships worldwide and is available at
And don't forget the other great news - the 1/6 scale version of Smart Doll - Pocket Doll.