POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2008/09/01 15:28 JST in Gundam

Today we look at the rest of the Mecha and "boys toys" from the weekends Chara Hobby - and does this Volks Gurren look stunning or what?

The first Mecha machines that I came in contact with were the Valkyrie from the original Macross film and loved the design and the way they transformed from jet > gerwalk > battroid.

I only started to come into contact with Gundam when I first visited Japan. I wasn't a fan of the mobile suits back then - I really disliked the design of the feet and thought the "horns" on the head looked odd too. I also didn't understand how folks could like Gundam so much because it didn't transform into anything ^^;

Was out shopping one day and came across the GFF GP01 and thought that it looked extremely cool. I looked for the anime it was in and watched all of Stardust Memory - it was then when I became completely hooked on Gundam and started to appreciate how coolsome the designs were. Soon got my first Gunpla kit after which was a PG!

By the way this transformable Macross Frontier kit is by Bandai.

What/when was your first encounter with mecha/gundam like and which anime has the best Mecha/Gundam that pwns the rest?