MBF-02 Strike Rouge

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2005/08/06 10:45 JST in Gundam

Above: Rouge uses the same mold as Strike Gundam but has different colors which look rather cool.
Below: Rouge (unlike Strike Gundam) comes complete with Skygrasper.

The release of Bandai's perfect Grade 1/60 MBF-02 Strike Rouge is good and bad news (kind of). The bad news is that it miffs owners of the Strike Gundam that came out last year because Bandai have given the full works to Strike Rouge. First off, you will notice that Rouge comes complete with the FX-550 Skygrasper +AQM/E-X01Aile Striker - something that we Strike Gundam owners had to wait half a year for. Secondly, Rouge comes with proper etching decals and not the crummy stickers that we got with Strike Gundam...
Rouge is out on the 25th of August and will set you back 19,000 yen (200 USD-ish) - but that is if you want to pay full retail price - get yourself along to Rakuten and pick it up for a piffling 15,000 yen.