Maken Ki!

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2008/06/10 10:16 JST in Anime
Just out yesterday was the first edition of the manga Maken Ki that has been running in the telephone book thick Dragon Age Pure. The illustrator is Hiromitsu Takeda and his girls are incredibly gorgeous.
I'm sure that Maken Ki will get the anime treatment - it has the same flavors as To Love Ru.
The first BW page sets the mood for the whole series - an eye grab ^^;
The story is described as an "ecchi love comedy with battle action."
A chap called Takeru joins Tenbi Gakuen which used to be a girls school. There he meets a whole bunch of girls and finds out that there is more than meets the eye.
Unlike To Love Ru and other stories that have a chap in it, Maiken Ki doesn't seem to revolve around him - could change as I read more though. More than meets the eye below.
Have only read a bit so far but many of the girls have an item called "Maken" - each are different and have varying powers when used in battle.
Obligatory changing room scene. Takeda-san likes to draw his girls with very big eyes.
As with all good school girl battles, their clothes easily explode.
Some dude gets a nosebleed - not sure if its from being kneed in the face or from the pantsu shot.
Uruchi in her maid gear - bubbly personality with a nice set of eyes and pantsu to match.
And there are characters for folks who like loli's too.
More gorgeous girlies.
Garett Kinua (unsure of romanization) unleashing a kama blade from her Maken.
Maken Ki has been an entertaining read so far and look forward to more - figures, merchandise and anime.
Yummy Haruko. Folks who want to read this in English can do so at One Manga. Folks in Japan who want this in Japanese should be able to pick it up at their local bookshop.
And while I'm on the subject of manga, may as well look at the latest edition of To Love Ru.
The lovely Lala. Never thought I would find a girl with a tail so attractive.
Lala has a very sensitive tail...
While you will find loads of pantsu and eye-grabs/squashes in Maken Ki, what you wont find is pupil shots but To Love Ru has loads of them.
I think I've mentioned before but manga was a main source of Japanese language learning material for me. I remember reading Ranma 1/2 over and over again. Crayon Shin Chan and Inuyasha were other manga that helped me learn a load of Japanese too.
I also learnt a load of Japanese through watching Japanese TV shows, anime, games, listening to music etc and was wondering where do you pick up most of your Japanese phrases from?
Completely safe for work for those who work in a lingerie shop.
Not sure if it happens in real life but the girls seem to be very friendly with each other when using public baths. I've been to public baths over here and never see men cuddling up with each other...
..or washing each others back.
Rito the luckiest manga/anime character alive?
The girls in their pajamas.
And two other books which I'm currently reading is O'Reilly's Information Architecture (organizing and structuring data) and Collective Intelligence (using web services to pool data etc). Both are good reads. Need to pick up a JQuery one too.
Was in Kinokuniya Shinjuku branch a while ago looking through their English books and came across the O'Reilly stuff which was in the "Nature" section. Looks like they thought the O'Reilly books were about animals...
I need to read more English language books - I feel that I am forgetting my English sometimes.
The last novel I read was Da Vinci Code which I couldn't put down. Do you have any recommended English language novels?