Magical Mirai

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2013/08/14 20:26 JST in Mascot
What's all this "Magical Mirai" then?
Today we cover some updates on Project Mirai - Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll is completely modeled digitally and printed using modern 3D printing technologies.
The made-in-Japan robot doll is designed to be your everyday companion and will do things like tell you when you get Facebook, Twitter, mail, calendar notifications, teach you Japanese, be your car navigation, tell you when you need to buy milk by communicating with the Smart Refrigerators on the market and most importantly - make sure you are never ever ronery anymore.
You can see Mirai moving below in our first motion test. Mirai is very rough around the edges in the video and was the first time that I saw her move - brought manly tears to my eyes ^^;
This image is a summary of what Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll does. A few folks mentioned the word "Magical" when describing Mirai and compared her to anime titles like Chobits, Hand Maid May, Angelic Layer and Ghost in the Shell.
At first I thought "Magical" sounded kinda cheesy but it kinda grew on me by the end of writing this post ^^;
A closeup of the shoulder and neck area. Each Servomotor has its own controller.
This is the temporary CPU unit for Mirai right now used just for the motion tests.
The CPU unit known as Mirai Core will be much more advanced and here is what its looking like so far. Everything will be distributed between 3 boards and will fit inside Mirai's detacheable head.
And this is her on display at the previous Wonfes.
More progress on Project Mirai - the production line for my brand of shoes for dolls is nearly complete - read more about it here.
Mirai's bikini is done and this is what she looks like in it ^o^
The part that took the most time was the oppai to make sure that the join between the oppai and the waist looked as natural as possible. Both had to be separate parts to enable more articulation and fit all the electronics inside.
Mirai in her Summer School uniform. Since I last talked about her we done the first design of her wig with braids - styling is looked after by Ronronshuka-san.
And now we take a look at Mirai out n about. This one taken at a ramen place in Samezu Tokyo.
Arrival in the US for Anime Expo.
Mirai waiting to tuck into some Carls Jr.
As Mirai is controlled by Android, we want to enable owners to plug her into their car and use Google Navigate to find their way.
The Host Voice of Smart Doll will be Mirai but will also allow Guest Voices from other applications.
Mirai out n about somewhere between Los Angeles and Yosemite.
Kyojin trying to om nom Mirai.
At the moment Mirai has a tough time standing on her own - if there is a breeze then she would fall over (ouch).
Once all the servomotors are ready however, she would be able to balance herself - just like the way a Segway does.
The journey begins.
Mirai exploring her surroundings. I think I've only mentioned the word "interactive" up until now but don't think I've emphasised that she will come with quite a bit of Artificial Intelligence - I want all Smart Dolls to be unique to their owner.
Smart Doll Outer Shell units. Assembly line migration complete. Commencing construction and data propagation.
Next we take a lookie at Mirai in the media. Mirai was featured on the Japanese TV show Ima Kono Kao Ga Sugoi which is presented by Sakurai Sho.
The producer couldn't tell the difference between "Amazon and Microsoft" and "Dolls and Figures."
The show also talked about my line of work and wot not which you can read about here.
Mirai was also featured for a wee bit on the KTLA morning show in the US.
Currently planning to bring a few Smart Dolls to AX2014 for sale.
And the rest of this post has screenshots of just some of the websites from around the world who have written about Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll - Russia, Spain, Taiwan, Japan and more.
Some of the articles may appear to be negative - but its actually just as Keikaku down to the small details like the images that I intended them to use ^o^
The kanji for Mirai in Japanese is which means "The Future."
Her name seems to be appropriate in many ways especially for the Smart Doll project.
The future is looking bright for this young lady - this "Magical Mirai" ^^;