Macross Valkyrie

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2011/12/30 17:50 JST in Mecha

Looks like Mirai has a new ride. The VT-1 super ostrich has always been my favorite Valkyrie from the Macross series. Its shorter in length than other Valkyrie and has two distinguishable boosters on the top. I love the design and colors and have always wanted one ^^;

After uploading photos for this post, I realized that I didnt take any photos of the VT-1 in Battroid or Fighter mode - but you can see a load on Google Search.

The VT-1 can be seen in action in the original Macross movie (Super Dimension Fortress) which was released in 1984 - it remains as my fave anime movie of all time.
When I first watched the anime, I was in the UK and couldn't hardly speak Japanese and then this year I found myself working with the producers of Macross Tatsunoko Productions, the designer Shoji Kawamori and recently the artist Haruhiko Mikimoto ^^;

This is the 1/60 scale Yamato version which was released back in 2009. It comes with a load of stickers and it could do with some panel lining and top coat too - but still looks good as it is.

Leaving you with more photos of Mirai's new toy which are all in Gerwalk mode which I just love!

Comparison with the standard Valkyrie's.

Looks like Mirai has another new ride - the1/60 scale Destroid Tomahawk also by Yamato.

Love the retro design of this mecha.

Mirai is still getting used to her Tomahawk.

Man on tarmac: "Left, left, left....NO - LEFT! LEEEFFFTT!"

Man on tarmac: "........"

Meeting in Asagaya with the designer of the Macross Mecha's - Shoji Kawamori.