Macross Frontier

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2008/01/07 17:47 JST in Anime

Macross celebrates 25 years by releasing a new series - Macross Frontier.

The first episode of this new series was aired late last year but the whole series doesn't start until...not sure when as the official site doesn't say and MBS hasn't listed the schedule. All we know is that its sometime in 2008.

Have been a fan of the Macross series and watched most of them - my fave still being the original and my worst being Macross Zero which started off great but suddenly became a bag of shite very fast.

Macross Frontier keeps a similar theme with the Macross universe - humans traveling across space and the power of song bringing civilizations together.

Below is a short clip which does its best to capture the amazing visuals and sound of the episode - get hold of the HD version which is pretty breathtaking. Awesome music by none other than Yoko Kanno (GITS, Cowboy Bebop, Darker Than Black etc).