MacBook Pro 17"

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2009/07/09 07:27 JST in Gadgets

Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing - Optimus Prime.
The MacBook Pro 15" decided to die today - the graphics board *and* hard drive kicked the bucket. Decided it was time to upgrade - this time to a 17" unibody MacBook Pro. Cost was 265524 yen.
But before I went to Shibuya to pick up this gorgeous machine, I asked why on earth we Mac users still insist on Macs despite the hardware problems - probably because Apple successfully brain washed us ^^;

Currently waiting for the Timemachine to finish restoring to the 17" - another 10 hours wait! Our lame NAS does not support direct USB and has to restore over the lan. The last Timemachine backup was this morning at 6AM so hopefully everything should be back to normal.

Developers who are restoring from a Timemachine, beknowist that you need to create the temp folders for Apache before it works.

Is your computing life plagued with hardware problems? And when I talk about hardware - am not talking about any hardware attached to your body.