MacBook Pro

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2007/06/08 04:30 JST in Gadgets
Been waiting for this day for months. The MacBook Pro that I had before belonged to Microsoft and I had to give it back when I left. Since then, I have been using my PowerBook G4 which is painfully slow. I'm surprised I managed to develop on it for so long ^^;
Now I need to partition the drive and restore the system image I took from the MS MacBook that I had.
I got the 15 Inch 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with the glossy screen. 160GB.
Since I switched to Mac, I have been a religious user ever since. Its quite funny actually - during my 8-9 years of using Windows, I used to think Mac users were odd people and could not understand how people got anything done on a Mac.
For me, there is no going back to win. I enjoy using a Mac but never "enjoyed" working on Windows. Mac is also unix based and the dev environment is the closest to what is running on.
When the Mirai Inc offices open in Meguro next year, all the office machines will be macs and will switch to being served from a Mac too - cant wait.
Yuukanalia on the desk in the background reminded me - I still need to take pics of her. Shes such a cutie. Her wings fell off by the way ^^; In the meantime, you can feast your mince pies on Super Rats gallery of her.