MacBook Air Review

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2008/02/15 23:00 JST in Gadgets
When my wife came back home with the MacBook Air I started to laugh - laugh at how small the MacBook packaging was.
The packaging is gorgeous - perhaps a bit too nice and makes me wonder how much of the 220000 yen is for the packaging alone.
The MacBook Air rests on a plastic tray just like the iPod Touch and beneath the tray are all the bits n pieces. Comes with two monitor adapters and power adapter.
The power adapter is small but I dont know why Apple keep including that thick n ugly extension cable - any Mac owners out there that use it?
Comparison shot between the MacBook Air, old G4 PowerBook and Fauna's pantsu. Fauna wins.
Keyboard is backlight just like the MacBook Pro.
The touch pad is absolutely amazing - response is incredible. You can pinch to zoom in/out, three finger swipe to flick back and forth and two finger spin to rotate images etc too.
You can also use one finger to pick your bottom and then your left nostril after but you already knew that.
After being used to carrying around the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air feels incredibly light - 1.3Kgs.
The built in speaker is....mono....yes I was thinking WTF too.
I do get the concept of the machine though - for people on the move - on business trips or within the building grounds.
During the good ol days at Amazon HQ in Seattle, we had the main building called Pac Med (the hospital on the hill) and US1 down in the International District. Meetings where held all day between these buildings and carrying around the heavy company issued HP laptop was a pain. Lugging that HP laptop around on the monthly scheduled overseas business trips was a pain in the bottom too.
Was managing software teams at Amazon and didn't have the need for a powerful graphic enabled machine - just enough for Exchange, intranet, Word, Excel and Powerpoint - a machine like the MacBook Air would have been perfect. Folks who are interested in what shenanigans I got up to at Amazon can read more here.
However, the machine is by no way lacking in performance at all. So far, many applications seem to boot faster than whats running on my Tiger MacBook Pro. Not sure how well it will handle apps like Photoshop though.
Havent upgraded to Leopard on my main machine yet because my current development environment would break. Leopard comes with different versions of PHP, MYSQL and Apache and config files live in different places too. Will upgrade as soon as I roll out the next major update to - should be within two weeks.
No Manila envelope here but do have a ToLove Ru clear folder. Does anybody know why a Manila Envelope is called a "Manila Envelope"?
Compared to the Feb issue of BugBug.
I read that some of you had worries about it snapping due to the thinness - tis sturdy as can be.
Thinner than an eroge mag!
These are the only ports you get to play with. Designed as a wireless machine for folks on the move, these ports are more than enough. One slot is for the monitor, one is the USB and the other is the (stereo) headphone socket.
Does your studies or work involve you being on the move a lot? Or are you stuck at a desk or in meetings/classes all day? If you are the latter then try to move around a bit more or you will end up like me.
Compared to the size of Dengeki Hime for no particular reason at all other than Sendo Erika from Fortune Arterial is a cutie.
One of the things that really impressed me is that you can install the OS wirelessly over a network. Turn on the machine with the Option (or Alt - I forget) key held down and you will be presented with a boot menu that detects WIFI connections - key in the password and you are ready to dance.
The screen is incredibly bright n crisp too.
Just thought I'd take a snap of the recently acquired 32GB iPod Touch too - Mirai Inc will be developing applications for the Touch/iPhone - more on this soon.
The MacBook Air however is not for me or my wife but for the newly hired Chief Technologist to join my company Mirai Inc - I just get to play with it before I hand it over ^^;
Will be issuing Macs for all future Mirai Inc employees too.
Fauna-chan says hello.