Mabinogi Nao

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2006/02/01 19:00 JST in Figures

So its been just about a month now since it was announced that Nao from Mabinogi was going to be released as a 1/8 scale figure  - and here she is ^o^/
The quality of this Goodsmile figure is absolutely top notch - paint work, proportions and the cute pose. The stick she holds is removable and if it tickles your fancy, you can put stuff like kitchen knifes, cotton ear buds or even a bicycle pump in her grasp. Its coming up to April which means many corporate companies are having their first promotion cycle - the chances are that if you have Nao on your desk at work, your bosses, bosses boss will be dead impressed and will probably sign off on your promotion without even thinking about it - a bargain for 3780 yen.