Love Plus Photo Club

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2011/08/02 20:15 JST in Japanese Pop Culture
Am thrilled to announce that Konami is now using Mirai Gaia - Chris and I launched the Love Plus Photo Club community website today where you can posts photos of all 3 of your girlfriends if their names are Rinko, Manaka or Nene. Was a challenging launch as we did a lot of work while I was at Anime Expo ^^;
Konami join King Records, Kadokawa, Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Ascii Media Works, Sega and more in using our Mirai Gaia platform.
This photo taken at the Konami HQ in Roppongi - together with the other members of the Konami team who we worked with to launch the site. The Konami lady is cute so I asked her to be in the photo ^^;
This is the top page which has the familiar Mirai Gaia look and feel - although Konami wanted square corners instead of the rounded ^^;
The design was by Robert Tolton who hails from the UK. I discovered his cool design work from his postings at and decided to hire him as our remote designer. Remember - if you got talents that you want to make use of then share them!
To use the site you need a Twitter account and a Konami ID to log in. Once you are in you would post photos of your girlfriends which show up on the left column. The right column shows popular posts based on how many favorites they got.
This is the Love Plus Colorful Clip arcade machine where you can print photos of your girlfriend wearing as much or less as you want - posing how you want. The machine will then print that photo our for you to enjoy by yourself or share with others on the site.
This is an example of a detail page with a photo shared by one of the members who registered today. The site is still undergoing many updates that we will roll out over time.
And this is the top page of the arcade game plugging our new baby. Look forward to working on more Konami projects. Snake, Snaaaaaaaaaake!