Love Plus

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2009/09/05 08:40 JST in Games

Perfect for folks who are feeling ronery this Summer.

For ronery folks who want to feel extra special, you can date all the girls.
While on a date, you can touch her anytime with the touch pen.

You need to get the girls to confess that they like you and if you cant manage that in 100 days then you get the bad ending - the Nice Boat ending? @.@

And when you are not with your girlfriend then you can dream about her doing things...

Would love to have this case! Lets check out some of the play screens.

Folks who want to really get into the game can practice their three-timing techniques...

I think this is my fave girl. Reminds me of Mio.

...which means that you need 3 NDS and 3 sets of games...

And for you tsundere types.

Folks who want to feel extra extra special need to spend more moolah.

Also comes with nice poster for when batteries run out. Does not look liquid proof though.

Currently available at Amazon for 4482 yen.
Photos from VIP.