Los Angeles to Tokyo

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2013/07/18 16:26 JST in Travel
Just got back to Tokyo after spending 2 weeks in the US for Anime Expo 2013 and a load of meetings. Did manage to take a couple of days off but work just ended up piling up way too high ><
I always end up saying the same thing up I don't think we ever been so busy >< Our business is expanding faster than we can handle and are currently spread very thin. Hopefully some of the candidates who applied for a job with us will work out. Currently going through the applications and will be making some offers soon after screening. Please bear with us as there are a ton of applications.
Some of the major projects we are working on right now is Smart Doll, Moekana 2nd Edition, Mirai Millennium, Culture Japan Convention, AFA Indonesia - and then there is a load of other stuff going on too ><
Anyway - first photo is of the Singapore Airlines business class section - but more about that further down the post.
Tried to fit as much into this trip as possible which includes watching movies. Now that we are working on the 13 episode anime "Mirai Millennium" - watching movies is something that I need to keep up with for inspiration. Managed to see Pacific Rim (I liked it! 7 out of 10 for me) and Man Of Steel.
I heard that many folks didn't like the movie but I loved it! Good story, lovely eye candy, thumping audio and I felt there was never a dull moment. 9 out of 10 for me ^^
One thing that I always make sure to pick up when in the US - ear plugs! American ear plugs are the biz - and cheap too.
The ones in Japan don't last long and don't block out enough noise either.
I like how "snoring" is "harmful noise" ^^
Next morning - all packed and ready to checkout.
But first its time for brekkie - finally managed to check out an In n Out.
Tasted good but I kinda prefer Carls Jr.
Together with the core folks at Culture Japan.
LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal. For future reference - we always meet under the C sign.
Singapore Airlines Business Class check-in.
Relaxing on the second floor for a bit with comrades.
A prezzie from our US Culture Japan Associate Producer Jun - a HTC mobile battery pack - small in size but packs 6000 mAh.
Light snack before boarding - kids happy meal that comes with a Minion.
I need a haircut ><
Seats at Tom Bradley come with electrical outlets to charge your mobile devices and wot not.
Our trusty steed for today.
The seats on the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 are the biggest I've seen in a business class section. They also transform to lay completely flat too.
Compartments and buttons everywhere to play with ^^
Thanks for everything LA and see you again soon!
The Singaporean Airline food is rather nomalicious. On some airlines they focus on appearance rather than taste but this stuff was good.
While aviation technology has advanced a wee bit over time, the window sizes are still small - am guessing it would cost too much to make bigger windows that can withstand the pressure?
Japan! Tadaima!
Tokyo Touchdown.
One thing about this line of work is that there is a load of booth display material that we need to lug around.
If you are travelling to Japan with a few suitcases but don't want to lug them around to your lodging, you can use one of the baggage delivery services like QL Liner - we gave them our bags at about 8:30PM and they arrived the next morning - only costs a few thousand yen.
When you come out of customs at Narita Airport - just look for the "baggage delivery services" sign. Haneda has the same service.
You can also use the same services to send your luggage to the airport too.
Whenever we travel abroad, we usually get a mobile wifi router which works out much cheaper than data roaming. For those who are traveling to Japan you can do the same too by visiting Telecom Square located where you get off the train at Narita. Haneda also have a Telecom Square desk too.
Here is a list of devices that you can rent from 960 yen per day. To save yourself time - I would suggest that you order online first so that you can just pick up when you arrive.
Getting tickets for the Skyliner train back into Tokyo.
While some mail can be dealt with quickly on my mobile, some require longer attention - a ton of those to get through over the next few days ><
Arrival at Gotanda station and its a taxi ride back to Meguro.
Thinking why I bit off more than I can chew ><
But come to think of it, biting off more than one can chew could be one of the main contributing factors to a faster growing company? Putting one's eggs in one basket is never a good idea.
Back at base.
Going through my international SIMS. My iPhone can't be jailbroken for some reason so I use it as my Japanese roaming number when abroad - I then stick in a local SIM into my regular Galaxy S3.
Tidying up luggage and wot not. Much of the official artwork for AX2013 was handled by my team including the passes.
Many people mentioned Hand Maid May after seeing the Smart Doll so I had to check it out - Jun got me the DVD box set from the US ^o^
All my presentations are done on Apple Keynote but lugging around a MacBook around a convention really does in my Spinal Hernia ><
Picked up an iPad Mini from Glendale Galleria in LA - its so light compared to the standard iPad. From here I can do my presentations thanks to...
...the Satechi Bluetooth Smart Pointer Mobile Presenter which can be paired to the iPad and control slides via the accessibility options.
I generally try to avoid OEM products (which this device is) but it works really well.
Also works with Mac and Windows too.
The art direction for the main visual for AX2013 was also managed by myself. The centerfold in the programme guide was our MoeCalendar.
Next day - heading out for early lunch.
Todays lunch is the regular Tsukemen - noodles that you dip in soup filled with stuff to munch on.
At our local shopping arcade - Musashikoyama Shotengai.
After lunch its time to fill up with some groceries. This is my fave yogurt ^^
Very messy office ><
Looking forward to moving to a new office in September.
Thats it for today. If I owe you mail then pls wait a wee bit longer for a reply. If you get no reply then send mail again after 2 weeks ^^
If you have submitted an application for a job with us then you need to wait a wee bit longer for a reply as there is a lot to go though. There was one very impressive application but the applicant submitted various comments on the site which made us decide that they would not fit into our company culture.
Our next event is the Wonfes where Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll will be on display at the AmiAmi booth in the Enterprise area.
After that I head to Kuala Lumpur early to sort out production of various wot not, press conferences and preparation for Culture Japan Convention.
Soon after CJC is AFA Indonesia in September then a possible trip to either the UK or New York in October. Following that is AFA Singapore in November with Comic Fiesta in December.
After that its a trip to Bangkok and then Seattle after for Sakuracon.
Thats all the updates I have for now - the rest at my Twitter or Facebook.