London Chinatown

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Not got a China dress like Gordon or Ethan so decided to post photos of Chinatown back in my hometown of London as my Chinese new year greetings!

Happy new year to all those who celebrate! 恭喜發財!

No particular Chinese new year celebrations in Japan today (however it is Setsubun) - I'm currently working on StarChild, Ascii, Culture Japan and character merchandise for the rest of the day ^^; Do you celebrate and what are you doing today?

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These photos were taken on my trip to the UK last April after a 5 year absence. Nothing has changed much apart from the restaurants that occupy the buildings - no major construction going on here as far as I could see - still looks pretty much like I remember it as a kid.

London Chinatown is a mass of shops and restaurants located around Gerrard street. Nearest stations are Tottenham Court Road and Piccadilly Circus.

The Chinatown in London has always been my image of what a "Chinatown" is like - packed with a load of shops and restaurants. When I went over with Amazon to Seatte, I was shocked to learn that I was standing in Chinatown wondering where all the restaurants were - everything was spread out so far apart from each other that you would not immediately recognize that you was in a Chinatown ^^;
Whats "Chinatown" like in your kingdom?

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The main street in Chinatown. If you are visiting then make sure to check out the side streets too.

This is a famous Chinese restaurant called Wong Kei. Back when I was living in London, while the food they served tasted good and cheap, the service was terrible. A waiter said to me "If you drop your chopsticks I beat you!"

London is not London without the roadworks and they were everywhere. You can usually see these attractions on any visit out n about on the town. They are characterized by a huge hole in the floor surrounded by fences with no roadworkers about. The roadworkers do appear from time to time and many of them can be seen with something called Builders Bottom.

This is the restaurant that I always ate at and made sure I went back to om nom nom on some of my fave dishes - Loon Tao.

My fave Chinese dish ever - Char Siew/Siew Yook Fan.

Er, actually I think my fave Chinese dish is Wonton Noodles ^^;

Crab meat something or other.

Deep fried banana and icecream - om nom nom.

Went around the whole of London exercising - you can see some of the photos in the Tokyo Trooper in London post.