Leonardo Akihabara

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2010/07/23 16:14 JST in Places to visit in Japan
Was out filming in Akihabara for a new TV show that I'm presenting on that I'll talk about in another post - another program in addition to Culture:Japan.
Spent most of the day wondering around looking for gems and we found a big gem of a shop called Leonardo.
Leonardo is located near Akihabara station at:-
千代田区外神田4-3-11 - Google Maps > http://ow.ly/2fsoM
There is no shop sign and when its closed, one would have no idea where it is..
The first thing that caught my eye was the spare Gunpla parts in the boxes outside the which lead me to look at the windows where I saw a lovely cute 2D girlie - which then lead me inside to find a treasure box full O gems!
This is the girlie that called out to me. I think the artist is Suzuka?
Leonardo is packed full of retro figures, kits, gacha, trading figures, eroge, CDs, DVD's, posters and a load of other merchandise.
The special thing about Leonardo is that they also stock a load of stuff which come as a freebie with magazines - key chains, figures, dakimakura covers, mousepads, posters and wot not.
They also got a load of promotional stuff which are used as pre-order exclusives.
The first time I saw a moe water filled mousepad.
Dollfie sized dakimakura.
Prices at Leonardo are reasonable and if you spend more than 2000 yen then you get 30% off the total price.
Wanted to stay here all day long rummaging through the shelves but had to head to the next filming location.
Going to leave you in the shop while I write up more Akihabara stuff.