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Today we take a gander at Lazona - a shopping complex located in Kawasaki within the Kanagawa prefecture. Designed by Spanish architect Richardo Bofill, Lazona Kawasaki opened for business in September 2006 and currently houses a ton of shops n restaurants and is also home to one of the few IMAX Digital cinemas available in Japan.

To get to Lazona you can get off at Kawasaki station on the Keihin-Tōhoku Line, Tōkaidō Main Line or Nambu Line. If you are going by car then punch in the following address into your car navigation.

While its still mid Summer, many of the retail stores start to stick out their Autumn apparel line.

In the not too distant future, shops like these will have underwear for dolls too. Maybe? ^^;

Sometimes I cant tell the difference between Uniqlo and Muji. I know my pantsu are from either but cant remember which one.

On the Avex label is Alan - a popular Chinese singer in these neck of the woods. Shes already got a few CDs out and you can listen to one of her tracks below.

Lots to om nom nom in the food courts. I think I've tried pretty much everything here ^^;

Machines to charge your e-payment cards such as Edy. Popularity is certainly growing but you still cant get by without cash in Japan. Many places don't accept credit cards at lunch time because of the processing fees they need to pay.

The Cold Stone girls can be very sweet - especially when they sing.

But before they sing for you, you must shout out your request like "Sing For Me!" just like the Phantom of the Opera does.

A new shop on the corner is selling some large takeout pots of beef, tarako, rice and spring onions - we give em a whirl.

Food court is more lively during the Summer holiday season.

Me chose the tarako (cod roe) . Only became accustomed to eating this after living in Japan. Sometimes the tarako comes with a baby face.

Many shops start to close around 8PM so if you plan on paying Lazona a visit then go early.

Some traditional Japanese sweets - Dango and Warabi Mochi.

Looking for some of that liquid you use to disinfect your hands while out n about.

Some lovely designed cones for folks who need their door stopping. Probably not effective enough to prevent your door being opened by mama or papa while you are taking care of your health.

These mats are made of Igusa - in daily lingo its "Juncus effusus L. var. decipens Buchen." Tatami mats are also made from Igusa. In the Summer, we stick one over our futon (bed) to keep us cool and it also helps keep the sweat from seeping into the futon.
These Totoro ones cost between 5980 yen and 8980 yen depending on the size. They can be rolled up so if you are thinking of buying one then you should have no problem sticking it into your suitcase or as a carry on.

Some character brolleys for 500 yen a shot.

Chalk bags are still popular. I have a black one which I wear out n about. Want to design my own soon.

Lazona has a huge store just like Tokyu Hands which do a load of DIY goodies. Enough plastics here to make an Iron Man suit.

Time for Inception and before that are the usual manner videos. Some of these are quite amusing. If your Japanese is up to scratch then you will like these.

So how did you enjoy Inception? If you went to the toilet half way through then you probably would have come back thinking what on earth was going on. I enjoyed the movie. Me a sucker for eye candy so was expecting more of it though.

Ellen Page was gorgeous as usual.

New Ultraman Zero movie out this December.

About 23:30 after the Movie. Trains continue to run from Kawasaki station until about 00:20. I think the car park is open 24 hours.

Also adding some photos that you have seen scattered throughout the A Week in Tokyo series.