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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2013/07/27 00:34 JST in Living in Japan Guide
As announced by Lawson on their official Facebook Page, our Mirai Suenaga is now one of their mascot characters ^o^
This marks the start of a collaboration where we do coolsome stuff together. For starters, we get to go to their convenience stores and snap away at all the cool stuff they have lining the shelves.
Lawson is particularly strong in the Anime field and has done a load of collaboration with titles like Gintama, K-ON! and Madoka Magica.
The cute chicken that you see Mirai cuddling is Lawson's crispy chicken product called Karaage-kun which they usually have by the counter.
In Japan its OK to have mascot characters of food ^^
Today we take a lookie at the Lawson located at Tokyo Big Sight's Kokusai Tenjijo Station . After the ticket barriers, turn right and you should see a corridor leading to Lawson.
Address: 東京都江東区有明3‐7‐2
At the station you can grab a quick bite to eat at gyudon (beef bowl) chain Sukiya or soba chain Azumi.
I hear that some folks who come to Japan eat Sukiya everyday!
Entrance to Lawson. Soon you will see Mirai inside. SOON.
Time to go hunting!
Loads of Eye Scream.
During Comiket, these shelves are filled to the brim with energy drinks like Weider in Jelly and Red Bull.
"Please line up from this spot."
Yakitori om nom - about a 100 yen per stick.
Menchikatsu and kara-age like these are cooked on the spot inside the store.
I love the tills which display ads while you wait for your stuff to be calculated up.
Just about everybody (no exaggeration) smokes in Japan - prices are probably the cheapest in the world.
Most restaurants don't have non-smoking sections - and even if they do it's usually right next to the smoking section which isn't even partitioned off ><
Not good for asthma sufferers like myself ><
Various types of payment accepted - cash, credit card, electronic money such as SUICA and PASMO too.
Loppi stands for "Lawson Online Shopping" and is Japan's most popular self-service electronic ticket dispensing system which you can learn more about here. Lawson also exclusively handle tickets for the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka.
The 24-hour ATM offers various banking services. In the case that somebody attempts to rob you - just tell them to wait while you press the big red button.
Magazines in each store are tailored to age and gender of customers.
Whenever you buy something in a Japanese convenient store - the till girl or boy pushes a button that represents your estimated age and gender.
They use this info to better tailor products for the people who use that branch most often.
Looks like this store is popular with Pachinko players judging from the amount of Pachinko magazines.
Japanese newspapers - how much of it can you understand? If the answer is "zero" then maybe start off with some Moekanji and Moekana.
Transparent umbrellas - even after the rainy season, we are getting sudden storms during the Summer.
Shelf dedicated to onigiri rice balls.
Sandwiches are known as "Sando" which is short for "Sandwich" - but some Japanese establishments write it in English as "Sand."
Variety of chilled noodles.
Convenience stores these days are also well stocked with veggies and low-calorie foods to cater for our OL's.
Many sweets n snacks like these wagashi available too.
Ton O soft drinks and beverages.
Yukijirushi Coffee has some interesting campaigns going on. Folks can get their hands on Moe Coffee during this Summer starting from July 29th.
Lipovitan D and Chocola BB Plus - liquid nourishments for nutritional enhancement.
Soy sauce, soba soup, miso, ketchup, salt etc - basic ingredients needed in Japanese households.
Calorie Mate and Ippon Manzoku Bars - for those needing fast refueling.
More just-add-water food stuffs.
Chewing gum available in a pack or as a bottle.
Lawson's own label snack series "Oyatsu Goro".
You can expect to find more otaku goodies here than other Lawson stores because of its close distance to Tokyo Big Site.Lawson's Kuji has a load of stuff up for grabs for those who get lucky - stuff including this poster of Sonico.
Evangelion wafers by Bandai.
Hakuoki x Lawson collaborated sake - Hananoshimaki .
Alcoholic beverages in the store include beer, happoshu , chuhai , nihonshu and more.
Me not a drinker though ^^
Although the hay fever season in Japan is over, convenience stores are well stocked with surgical masks all year round.
"For Professionals"
Cooling gel sheet by Rohto.
Various stationery.
Envelopes for special occasions like these are called shugi-bukuro .
Spare T-shirts - for those lucky days when you spill milk over yourself.
Battery chargers for your mobile devices. Smart Doll will have two power modes - Home and Away. You can power her using these mobile batteries when Away.
Entame Card are prepaid cards available in Lawson that allows us to watch titles like Shingeki no Kyojin at their special site.
More prepaid cards for iTunes, App Store and Nintendo.
Commodity for the ladies such as oil-absorbent paper, make-up remover and hair-ties.
Throw away your garbage in these waste bins but remember to keep them separated!
And this is the station entrance. More from Lawson soon! If you have any requests then just drop them in the comments below.