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You've probably seen a few photos of Lalaport in the A Week in Tokyo series and those who keep tabs on my Twitter or Facebook will have seen me live broadcasting from my iPhone at Lalaport too.
Have been meaning to make a separate post on Lalaport but never quite got round to it until today. A Lalaport commercial below to get you into the mood before we continue.

Lalaport is a chain of shopping and leisure complexes dotted around Tokyo which is filled to the brim with restaurants and shops. The one that we often go to is the one in Toyosu which you can get to by getting off at Toyosu station on the Yurikamome or Yurakucho line. All photos in this post taken at the Toyosu Lalaport.

Folks who live in Japan may want to get an Edy card - an electronic form of payment - but if you get an Edy card coupled with a mileage card - you earn air miles as you spend. Lalaport has a few Edy card chargers dotted around the place.

Lalaport have their own point card which would be a good idea to get - points earn you money coupons and free parking too.

Lalaport have a cooking studio for folks who want to learn how to cook - this fried onigiri looks yummy!
All I can cook is hot water, warm milk and instant noodles.

This Poll is now expired

Enough space to walk about even when there are a load of folks out n about on a weekend.

Been trying out jeans for a change.

And this is one of the reasons why we come to Lalaport in Toyosu - their lovely Singaporean food!

Singapore laksa - so good that one tends to order two bowls - or it could be because the portions are small? ^^;

Hainan chicken rice.

The Singaporean food can be found in the food court but there are a load of other restaurants too which usually have a load of folks queuing up outside.

A sushi restaurant which has been done up to look like a fish market.

Teppan Yaki is where they cook food for you on a hot plate in front of you - just like the Japanese restaurant Benihana where I used to work at many moons ago.

More queues for evening noms.

Movies currently showing in Japan. Me want to see the new Planet of the Apes movie - any good?

Another one me interested in watching - The Three Musketeers. BTW - photo of me and Milla Jovovich taken many mons ago.

Another flick me wants to see is Cowboy and Aliens.

And for some reason when I was searching for Cowboy and Aliens I got this.

Shopping around Lalaport - came across something for my daughters.

Wifey eyeing up some kitchenware.

Obama keeps you company while you wait to be fed.

This little one was so cute!

Tokyu Hands is a part of Japanese life - one goes there to pick up life accessories. They also got a load of materials needed to make stuff - woods, plastics, metals and wot not - my stormtrooper armor is made up from many many visits to Tokyu Hands.

Dollfie slippers to wear at home.

figma and nendoroid carry cases.

I love bags and got a ton of them - probably should do a post on my bag fetish ^^;

Doze detector for folks who fall alseep while studying for their examination.

Box O Ghibli goodies.

Totoro goodies for mosquito incense.

I always forget to pick one of those up.

Some dessert out on the dock. It got cold all of a sudden but now the temperature has gone back up so the evenings are kinda pleasant.

Lalaport is a great place to go to take evening shots - I probably need to bring my girls here for a photo shoot one day too ^^;

Before I continue and before I forget, I'll be uploading large versions of all photo posts to my Google Plus account. The photos for this post is in this album. Unfortunately Google resizes these down to 1920px wide but still should be big enough for you to use as wallpaper.
What you need to do is click on a photo and click here to download the photo.

The album on Google Plus includes more photos - I always limit myself to uploading a max of 80 photos in a post but there are a load more at Google.

Photos taken on the Lumix GF1 and GH2.

We usually leave after all the shops start to close - our Mirai Mobile standing by in the wings.

Mirai Mobile needs windows cleaning.

The photos in this post taken over a period of time - the following photos taken a while ago. This is the Lalapprt dock during the day.

Nice n peaceful Sunday afternoon.

A load of families and couples spend time at Lalaport for a day out.

This is the point where you can take the space cruiser Himiko.

Stone beds to relax on throughout the day.

In Japan, dogs and smoke are the same thing.

They say that the population of kids in Japan is on the decrease - but that would not be apparent if you visited Lalaport - kids everywhere!
Most of the kids are at Lalaport to enjoy Kidzania - a place where kids can go to experience what its like to be a firefighter or work in a car factory.

To use the food court at Lalaport Toyosu, you will be given a card like this which you take up to each of the stalls - they will scan it when you order stuff and you hand it in at the exit or they wont let you leave.

I prefer Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Singapore though as the one here is not that nomsome.

Laksa and Prawn Mee ^o^/

Just noticed how the Hainan chicken rice looked so different compared to last year ^^;

That brown stuff on the edge of the bowl looks like...but tastes good.

The food court has a great view of the dock.


See you in Singapore in 3 weeks time! 3 weeks?!!!! I need to edit and submit 5 episodes of Culture Japan before that ToT

Where possible choose Haneda airport if your destination is Tokyo as its actually located in Tokyo - Narita is out in the sticks.

A load of Gatcha calling me over.

Guns for your dolly daughters.

Food for your dolly daughters.

Games for your dolly daughters.

The lighting and colors make you feel like at home which occasionally also makes you feel sleepy too ^^;

Looking for new glasses - something black for a change. If you are looking for glasses in Japan then go for Jins. Competition has got so fierce in japan that Jins now do frames and lens for about 7000 yen. How much do glasses typically cost in your neck of the woods?

Back out on the dock.

Remember that all these photos and more are available in wallpaper size at my Google Plus account.

Heading back to base.

More places to visit listed up in the following photo guides.