La Cittadella Kawasaki

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La Cittadella - a slice of Italy in the heart of Kawasaki. Stylised to look like a small town in Italy, La Cittadella contains a cinema complex, concert hall, shops and a load of restaurants - especially Italian ones. La Cittadella is also home to the annual Hallowen parade too.
Today wifey and I go for walkies around the area. You can see a bit of what the area is like by day in the video below.

To get to La Cittadella, get of at Kawasaki Station and head to the following location on the map.

We start off our evening by parking at Kawasaki Lazona and then walk towards La Cittadella. Building in the background is the MUZA concert hall.

Latest news in Japan is that they want to raise the initial fare of Tokyo taxi's to 730 yen which would last for the first 2 kilometers before you need to start paying more.
How does that compare to your neck of the woods? Tis better than some of the taxi's I tried to take in Malaysia at least - when I ask "How much to Blah" the drivers would answer "How much you got?"

Walking through Kawasaki Station.

Starting to explore more of Kawasaki.

Discover a street filled with a ton of restaurants.

Due to the lack of space in Japan, each building more often than not contains many restaurants or shops so always make sure to always look up at the signs or you may miss some gems.

Many restaurants have some really nice exterior designs.

"Kawasaki Blender"
It says that a cosplay girl with give you a wash.

You already know the word Oppai (meaning mammies) but another useful daily word you should know is "Kyonyu" ] (pronounced kyo-nyuu) which means "BIG OPPAI."
"巨" means "huge" or "gigantic" and is the same kanji used in "進撃の巨人" (Shingeki no Kyojin).

When you reach the end of this post make sure to shout out "Kyonyu" 50 times to memorize the word.

Check out more plastic food and find out where to buy in Japan.

"Aroma Beauty Salon" - photo annotate the one who you want to attend to your beauty needs.

Many of these "DVD rooms" allow you to "watch DVD's" in the privacy of your own small room. I know many gaijin folks who are travelling cheap use these places to stay in instead of a hotel as the rates are really cheap in the early hours of the morning.
For example its 3000 yen for 12 hours.

Can you read that katakana? If not then I'll need to bring out a Katakana learning product in addition to Moekana.

I always stop by a Gatcha to see if there is anything 1/3 cale for my daughters - and when I find something I usually get it but ends up in the cupboard most of the times ><

The gate you see across the road is the entrance to La Cittadella.

This place looks like an Izakaya - its like a Japanese pub.

This is the main square at La Cittadella - kinda looks like a set to some movie.

A list of some of the restaurants at La Cittadella.


Nice place to take a stroll in the evening.

And after walking for a bit, once you see things turn back to normal then you know you have left La Cittadella ^^

La Cittadella have a fountain show that takes place at certain times throughout the evenings.

The seeing-eye dog will open your mind and show you the future.

Occasionally you will see the head of some sea monster placed in a bucket of ice outside a restaurant to entice you to go in.

This Poll is now expired

Heading back to Lazona.

Exploring the shotengai in the area.

Remember to always take the stairs if you dont get the chance to exercise much!

Back at Lazona.

Got to meet comrades from many corners of the world who I went to see Iron Man 3 with.

Then its a quick look around Lazona. Would love to go camping but probably very unlikely that I'll ever get to relax in this lifetime to be able to do so ><

I've only seen bicycles like these in Japan where the child seat is at the front. Bicycles like these are usually called Mamachari which is a short form of Mama Chariot. "Chariot" is a term used to refer to a bicycle.

Looking for some magic potion to keep water off the car.

More magic potion that keeps water off the windscreen.

Time to look for some noms.

We got Auntie Anne's in Japan too.

The best food is the fastest food - down in the food court.

Sushi go round.

Snap with one of our readers from Singapore who came to watch Iron Man 3 with us but was too shy to jump in the group photo ^^;

Katsu Curry noms.

Oyako Don noms.

Japanese traditional sweets noms.

Time to check out my readers goodies starting with this very nice Sony DSLR.

No Service.

From Singapore - my most fave mints! Cant find these in Japan >< I always steal some from Shawn's car - the guy who brings us AFA ^^;

The Japanese Galaxy S3 comes with an antenna for ONE SEG TV.

I always thought that hole in Galaxy S3 cases was for LTE models.

Time to grab some groceries.

Picked up one of these rolls. Was supposed to have a crisp layer around it though ><

Krispy Kreme Sakura n Green Tea doughnuts.

Ichigo = Strawberries.

Some side dishes for dindins.

Back to the Mirai Mobile.

Our grocery catch for the day.
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