Kyoka Midarezaki

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Did you say you wanted more exclusive goodies from the Good Smile offices?
OK, before I continue I need to quickly say "(c) Akira/ Published by Enterbrain Inc./ 超常現象対策局分室" ^^;
Apart from getting to be the first to publish pics of Unity Mei, Good Smile also gave me the opportunity to be the first to publish these pics of one of their up n coming Nendoroids - Kyoka Midarezaki.
I must have been living under a rock for a while as I never heard of the recent anime show Kyoran Kazoku Nikki - OP below. On your watch list?
The sculptors desk full of other stuff that cant be shown right now.
One of the challenging things for figure makers is licensing.
The way it works is that a figure has to be made and then submitted to the license holder for approval. The license holder may say "it looks great" or "the colors are wrong" or "skirt is too short" or "we would prefer if the skirt cant cast off" - because of the last reason, some skirts are glued down even though they were made to be cast-offable.
The figure maker needs to contact the license holder every time photos of a figure are published and getting a decision in Japanese society can take a long time.
Somebody needs to ask their boss, that person needs to ask their boss and so on and so on.
Many people say that the Japanese cant take responsibility but I think the problem in many cases is that they are not *given* responsibility. Is it like this in your society?
Illustrations of Kyoka that are used for the different expressions. Nendoroids usually come with 3 different faces.
And this is a closeup - click to enlarge.
I've seen a few comments from folks who say they only buy figures of characters they are familiar with.
I personally buy figures which look nice and in many cases I start to watch the anime/read manga/play game *after* I get a figure that I have never heard of. This is what got me started with Gundam. I got the Fix Figuration GP01, watched Stardust Memory and then fell in love with Gundam.
Do you have figures in your collection of characters that you were not familiar with at time of purchase?
Once this is painted, photos will be taken for pre-order announcements. By this stage, a clone of the figure is already done and on its way to the factories in China.
I think I need to say "(c) Akira/ Published by Enterbrain Inc./ 超常現象対策局分室" one more time - Im actually required to say that in order to be able to publish these pics ^^;
Ah - no release date yet but will let you know.
A lookie at one of the painting stations.
Airbrush equipment and fan. This area is specifically for primer.
And lets look around the office for other stuff. Hmmm - there's something over at Mikatan's desk.
This is Figma Kanu which has been delayed a bit for last minute alterations.
This is a sample and not the final version.
Her hair is really long so you will be able to do many poses without the stand.
Figma Suzaku will be available at the Wonfes next week.
Meetings at Good Smile beat meetings at Amazon and Microsoft any day - just a load to play with.
Love playing with the goodies in the glass cabinets.
And as always, we have lunch at Max Factory owned Indo Tei.