Kylie Minogue

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A follow on from The Early Years 1. This pic of me and Kylie Minogue was taken in the late 80's/early 90's near the BBC studios.

Hmmmm. Have not been to the BBC site for a while - like the design. Once I finish some DB work, I will make the top page of a bit like the BBC site where you can drag and drop widgets to customize your top page.

My mate, Kylie and me at the Stock, Aitken and Waterman recording studios.

And knowing Kylie means that I get to know her sister Danni Minogue too.
Danni in action below.

Danni was not as popular as Kylie at the time so was a bit more easier to meet up with.

There were about 10 of us in a group who went around following Kylie, Danni, Sonia, Jason Donovan and other Stock Aitken n Waterman artists. Pics with Sonia and Jason are back in the UK. Some of Sonia in action below. Jason in action below. And the stuff hanging around me neck is a wad of backstage passes.

Me and Claudia Schiffer at Debenhams.

I and Danni at LWT studios. Danni's body guard would sometimes play games with us - he would stick Danni in the car and drive off at speed - we could get in our car and chase. The bodyguard would wait at the traffic lights when they where *green* and the drive through them when they were *red* thinking that we wouldn't follow - we followed all the time speeding through the oncoming cars from the left n right.

Together with Danni at her PR company at Picadilly. Pic of me handing her a prezzie.

With Danni at the airport. I is wearing a Mr Byrite top...
Being a groupie at the time, we always found out where they were going to be and had connections on the inside and with the body guards too who would often give us backstage passes.

I look back and think how it always has been a "its about who you know" which is especially true with Japanese businesses.

Me and Milla Jovovich outside her hotel.

Photos not in order ^^; Handing Claudia some flowers.
Also got a load more photos back in the UK including pics with the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 etc - will grab them when I visit the UK next time.

This was my life in the late 80's early 90's without the Internets. I seemed to have been able to make it through my teenage life without it but simply cant imagine life without the Internet now.

Back then, if I wanted to watch anime or Japanese programs I had to take a bus to a bookshop to get them on VHS.
If I wanted some health care material, I had to trek to the news agents and reach up to the top shelf.
If I want to look up a Japanese word I needed to spend a few mins flicking through a dictionary.
If I wanted to know what the population of Spain, I needed to either ask somebody or go to the library.

Ever since I started to pick up the pace in blogging during 2005, the longest I've spent offline is 24 hours - any longer and I start to break out in a sweat ^^;

Whats the longest time you've spent offline and do you think you could live without the Internets?