Kuuchuu Yosai

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2012/12/01 15:27 JST in Mascot

I'm delighted to be able to let you know that Japanese illustrator Kuuchuu Yosai-sensei has taken time out of his busy schedule to draw Mirai Suenaga for us!

Kuuchuu Yosai-sensei has been illustrating for quite a few moons now. He has done character designs for Queens Blade and for eroge titles like Djibril and Megachu.

I've always been a fan of his work and today I would like to share with you some wallpaper and the layered Photoshop file too!

As for the first image - wallpaper is here!

The 2560px x 1600px wallpapers for you!
Mirai in her Summer uniform.
High-res wallpaper here.

Mirai in her Winter uniform.
High-res wallpaper here.

Mirai in her Solar Marine uniform.
High-res wallpaper here.

Mirai in her cute bikini!
High-res wallpaper here.

You can also get the raw psd file for all the variations of Mirai-chan illustrated by Kuuchuu Yosai-sensei complete with logos.
Inside the PSD file you will find layers for various facial expressions and all her uniforms. Feel free to use for non-commercial purposes (wallpaper/stickers etc).

Maybe you can make some wallpaper and upload to devientart or pixiv!
Would be great if some folks can make some Android, iPhone, iPad and other wallpapers too! If you do then just provide a link to http://mirai.fm when uploading - then leave a link in the comments below to your work. Cookies available for folks who come up with exceptional designs!

Kuuchuu Yosai-sensei did the character design for Queens Blade Izumi.

Sensei also did the character design for Fauna of Megachu.

And he also did the design of Nanael also from the Queens Blade series.

And now that we have the illustration of Mirai, the possibility of a Kuuchuu Yosai-sensei scale figure has just increased?!

More illustrators have illustrated Mirai-chan and you can find some of the wallpapers and Photoshop files listed below.