KPop - Kara

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2009/03/22 09:26 JST in Japanese Idols

Thanks to Jin for posting this. While I speak, read and write Korean, my current line of work doesn't involve me speaking it at all which is a bit of a shame. My first position as Web Marketing Executive at Nature had me speaking Korean nearly every day. Would travel to Korea often for work too.

My wife watches K Drama from time to time though which is good listening practice although the story always seems to be boring.

Never heard of Kara but do like their sounds - want more!

As with learning Japanese, I listened to a lot of KPop including Clon, Solid, Pak Mi Kyung and Baby Vox/Fin.K.L that Jin mentions below.

One of my fave girl groups was S.E.S - they got good tunes and are also cute.

Need to get myself more Korean keyboard stickers.
한국어를 더 공부하지 않으면 안 된다

Original text from jinstevens below.Kara is yet another girl band from Korea. Their song, Honey, recently made it to number 1. It's been interesting comparing them to Girl's Generation who I wrote up earlier. Kara seems to go more for the cute concept rather than the sexy / beautiful that Girl's Generation aims for.

If you think I like KPop girl bands, then you probably guessed right. Probably started with Baby Vox back in the day, then Fin.K.L. and a host of others.

Was surprised to learn that one of the Kara's members was only 15 and still in middle school!