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Probably not on a lot of your radars but Kichijoji is voted the most wanted to live in town in the whole of Tokyo.
Located on the Sobu and Chuo lines to the West of Tokyo, Kichijoji has a wide variety of shopping facilities, cafes, restaurants, zakka in the many shotengai that can be found in the area.
The convenient accessibility to the shopping facilities from the residential areas that are a stones throw away is another popularity factor.

Kichijoji is also home to Inokashira Park which is a great place to relax for the family and couples - especially during the cherry blossom season.

Kichijoji is also easily accessible to the following universities which is why you will spot a load of students in the area.

I've been spending quite a bit of time in Kichijoji of late having regular meetings with the guy who brought us Cowboy Bebop, Blood: The Last Vampire, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Samurai Champloo, Eureka Seven, Toward the Terra and Eden of the East - Sato Dai.

Harmonica Yokocho. Atmospheric alleys filled with about 100 small shops which used to be a black market after World War II.

Cakes and sweets made specifically for dogs.

Daiyagai shotengai filled with more shops.

UFO Catchers are filled with popular figures these days - so much so that many have been nabbing them and flogging them on the auctions.
This arcade only allows you to nab one item per machine.

The electronics chain store LABI.

The AKB girls have been turned into Docomo Mushrooms.

How many of you are into HUNTER X HUNTER?

We got Moomin cafes - its that popular over here!

Sunroad shotengai.

McDonalds had a campaign where they turn an egg timer as soon as its your turn to order. If they didn't serve you your food in 60 seconds then you get free food. During the campaign, they had customers who were purposely being asses to buy time and even ones who slammed their fists on the counter to get the sand to fall quicker.

Its Alibaba! The shop that is disguised as a DVD shop but once you step in then you are greeted with a load of oppai DVD's.

Evangelion Coffee.

Mister Donut Pon De Ring - extremely yummy but very dangerous - easy to get fat eating them ><

Yodobashi Kichijoji.

Heiwa Dori.

Nakamichi Shotengai.

Kichijoji have Animate too.

Who is your fave Precure girl? Is it the same color each season for you? For me Yellow always seems to be my fave.

Can you name this bunch?

How many of you play instruments? I'm not talking about the ones attached to your body.

I love the design that goes into some Japanese restaurants.

Getting hungry again as I write this up ><

Nice fries but more often than not, when you go in the place will be filled with cigarette smoke.

And this is Inokashira Park.

Photos of the Ghibli Museum in an up n coming post - although dont go if you expect to be able to take a load of photos - quite disappointing.

The upcoming works from Ghibli.

Park Road shotengai:

Kichijoji by the evening looks lovely too.

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