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Karneval is an upcoming anime series based on Touya Mikanagi's manga series. The anime will be directed by Suganuma Eiji (Kodomo no Jikan, Mashiroiro Symphony) with animation production by Manglobe (Hayate the Combat Butler, Deadman Wonderland).

Karneval will begin airing on Tokyo MX from the 7th April at 10:30PM JST.

Nai is mysterious individual that only seems to know his own name and that of a man named Karoku. The problem is he doesn't know where Karoku is, and the only hint he has is a strange 'Circus' bracelet. While searching for Karoku, Gai ends up rescuing a young boy named Gareki, who promises that he'll help him to find Karoku as thanks for saving him.

The two then end up getting involved with a national defense agency known as "Circus" through a train hijacking incident. This leads Nai to find out more and also opens up a whole new world that Gareki never even knew existed. But just who is Nai and why is he looking for Karaoku? Why does the 'Circus' agency exist?

Main Characters

See can find out more about the characters on the official character page.

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The opening theme will be Henai no Rondo by GRANRODEO and the ending theme will be REASON by KAmiYU.

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