Kagami Hiiragi

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Figma Kagami Hiiragi has replaced my Tsukasa Hiiragi as being my most fave figma. Here you see her warming up backstage for this weeks Figma Theater.

Lovely tsundere face.

Cute tiny mouth!

Twin tails can fold quite close to the body so carrying her around is relatively easy.

Love this face too. Looks like I need to acquire another Kagami.

Kagami also comes with an edition of Comptiq which she always reads before a show.

And so Figma Theater Season 01 Ep 03 begins...

The Gruesome Foursome are about to film yet another AV Yaoi movie.

Spinzaku: "The last two Yaoi DVD's didn't sell too well. I don't think consumers want Yaoi anymore.
I say we change our strategy and start making Yuri DVD's instead. Whay do you say Lulu?"

Lulu: "Huh? Whatever you say - I'm just the cameraman around here."

Spinzaku and Lulu go off to look for some Yuri candidates.
Itsuki: "Spinzaku and Lulu have stopped filming."
Kyon: "But that does'nt mean we have to stop."
Itsuki: (giggle)

Spinzaku come across the Hiiragi sisters.
Spinzaku: "Oi! you two look sweet and cute - how about being in our next Yuri vid?"
Kagami: "What?! How much?"
Spinzaku: "How about a slap in the face?"

Kagami: "....get lost or else."
During the negotiations, Lulu has already started to film.

And this is what Lulu can see from his camera.

Spinzaku: "OK! Make that 2 slaps to the face"
Kagami: "5....4....3....2...1."

Kagami: "Tsukasa-chan, get out the way while I deal with these pedos."
Kagami then leaps into the air and spins at 7200RPM. She shouts "Dolphin Bone Crushing Cyclone of Fear!" and hits Lulu in the delicate zone.
This move shatters all the bones in ones dolphin.

Kagami then leaps up at a speed of 200 MPH into the air and yells "Thunderous Raising Crotch Splitter of Lachupichu!"
This move renders the opponent motionless in the air for 15 seconds while the area that took the hit expands to 5.1 times its original size.

Spinzaku falls to the ground but he can still move his hand and reaches for his mobile. Tsukasa comes along to wipe some poo from her shoe on Spinzaku's face.

Spinzaku: "K, Ken! Help me Ken, you are my only hope."
By this time, most of the poo has been wiped off Tsukasa's shoe - its in Spinzaku's eyes and mouth.

Ken was out n about shopping for some panties when he gets the emergency call from Spinzaku.
Ken: "Nooooooooooooo!"

Ken arrives on the scene and pulls out his new move on the Hiiragi sisters - the "Limb Wrencher of Apocalyptic Spasm Folder".
This move causes the victims limbs to go into spasm and fold upon itself. If left untreated, the fold will continue until the victims whole body has been folded into the size of a runner bean.

Ken then pulls out the finishing move - the "Quad Wind Channel Phoenix Nullifier."
This move releases a blast of energy in the shape of a phoenix along the X gamma channel - it causes the victim to continuously fart until all the oxygen in the body is drained.

With the Hiragii sisters defeated, Spinzaku and Lulu recover to film thier first Yuri video.
Spinzaku: "Good Goood! Now start to touch her eyes. This vid is going to be great. We are going to be riiich! Wahahahahahahahaha!"
Lulu: "Can you shut up for a moment - I'm trying to get into the mood."

While this is going on, Kagami presses the emergency device that she carries around which summons...

...Tsukamin Uncho - the fearless warrior who was raised by Ninja Baboons on an island after a plane crash when she was a baby.

Tsukamin: "You leave my fans alone!" and comes out with the Slicer of Satans Four Sisters" attack. This single move can dismember all limbs from a victim with a single swipe - But Tsukamin arrived at the scene a bit drunk and only manages one limb.

Tsukamin then heads for her next victim but as soon as she turns to Ken they realize that Tsukamin is actually Kens long lost daughter.
Tsukamin: "Papa!"
Ken: "Tsukamin? You smell of Baboons? I'm sorry I left you on that island - when the boat came to save us I could only chose one item to take with me and you know how precious my stash of health material is to me."

Kagami feels betrayed by Tsukamin who was supposed to save the Hiiragi sisters. The betrayal fills Kagami with hatred and she enters her Berserk Mode.
Kagami whips out a gun from her pocket and unleashes the "Thousand Lead Shower of Revenge" on Tsukamin.

Kagami then whips out her pocket scythe and heads for Spinzaku. She screams "Armageddon Slicer of 99 Deaths!" and sends Spinzaku's head spinning to the ground.

Lulu still has an arm left and tries the "Vault Of Descending Thrust" which is basically a kick to the stomach.

Lulu's last move had no effect of Kagami while she's in Berserk Mode. She whips out a rail gun and shouts "Track Mincer of 20 Thousand Leagues!" which leaves Lulu in minced pieces.

Kagami takes on Ken and gives him the Finger Of Doom.
Kagami: "You are already dead."

Ken goes splat and Kagami uses his head as a football.

Now that Spinzaku and Lulu are dead, Kagami needs to wipe out all evidence of their existence and goes out to look for their friends Itsuki and Kyon who are still in the middle of Yaoi activities.
Kagami: "It's time."

Kyon and Itsuki get out their mobile devices and shout "henshin!"...

...and reveal their secret heroine identities.
Kowboy Kyon and Witch Itsuki - together they form the Satanic Sisters.

Kagami is no match for the Sataic Sisters who start to beat seven shades of poo out of her. The lethal weapon is the Skiddy Pantsu which are attached to Kowboy Kyon's shoe - attached by a blob of skiddy poo.

Kagami is bruised and batterd. The Satanic Sisters start to wipe poo from their shoes on her head.

With her last spurt of energy, Kagami releases her "Forbidden X Style Pantsu Rupture."
This move can take out two opponents at the same time but leaves a tear in her own pantsu - only to be used as a last resort.

With her HP at zero, Kagami runs to her Tie Bomber parked nearby - she decides to bomb the crap out of the Satanic Sisters.

The Satanic Sisters make a run for it when they realize that Kagami doesn't know how to operate the bombing feature of the Tie Bomber.

But Kagami is not worried - she hovers over the Satanic Sisters and uses the Tie Bomber's wing to slice off their heads instead.

Kagami runs back to Tsukasa.
Kagami: "Are you OK?"
Tsukasa: "I'm fine. I love you."
Kagami: (kiss) "I love you too."

It turns out that the Hiiragi sisters were into Yuri after all.
The End.

Todays guests were Tie Bomber and The Gruesome Foursome+1.

Kagami was released by Max Factory and distributed by Good Smile Company.

The artwork in the background was by Ken Taya - a closer look at it later on this week.

And a few more shots of the gorgeous Kagami.