Kadokawa Contents Academy

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Kadokawa Contents Academy - an academy established by KADOKAWA (Haruhi, Lucky Star, Sword Art Online, Kancolle etc) with a mission to teach various skills to folks who are interested in working in the creative content field such as anime, manga and games.
I recently attended their Taipei school to give a lecture for 2 days - it was my first time giving a talk in Mandarin ><
Kadokawa Contents Academy Taipei is located in a central location just around the corner to Taipei Station.
The address is:-
No. 43, Guanqian Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
At the moment Kadokawa Contents Academy (KCA) teaches 3 courses - Manga, Character Design and Card Game Illustration. While anybody of any skill level can take any of the courses, the course curriculum is geared to prepping folks to work in the field on a professional level.
KCA is attended by folks of many backgrounds - students, salarymen/women - classes can be attended after school or work.
While graduates won't receive a certificate recognized by the country, something even better is acquired upon completion of the course - not only a certificate to show that one has graduated but also KADOKAWA's contacts.
Superstars are almost guaranteed a job in the creative field given their ninja skills - as long as they have the personality to match though ^^
KCA have started to use our Mirai Suenaga as learning material for some of their courses - the artwork you see on the screen here is originally by Shirahane Nao-sensei who provided the outlines of Mirai for this coloring class.
I was brought up in the UK speaking English and Cantonese - I only started to learn Chinese after I met my wife who is from Shanghai. My listening is way better than my speaking so I had the help of Aoi-chan who is one of the staff members at the school - a Taiwanese local with incredible translation skills.
I would like to thank all those who came along to my talk for the two days - it was great meeting you all!
We were also filming part of an episode of Culture Japan Season 3 - Japanese Pop Culture in Taiwan.
The Taipei school is their first and their second is in Singapore - Where do you want the next branch of KCA to be?
How many of you draw for a hobby or on a professional level? I'm constantly stalking my readers profiles on their twitter/facebook/instagram to look for links to their Pixiv or Deviantart profiles looking for talent.
If you got something to show off the leave a link in the comments ^^
I'm going to leave you with photos taken over the 2 days while I get back to catching up on writing posts ><